The Safe House Project 2009 for Displaced & Homeless MSM/Transgender reviewed & more

In response to numerous requests for more information on the defunct Safe House Pilot Project that was to address the growing numbers of displaced and homeless LGBTQ Youth in New Kingston in 2007/8/9, a review of the relevance of the project as a solution, the possible avoidance of present issues with some of its previous residents if it were kept open.
Recorded June 12, 2013; also see from the former Executive Director named in the podcast more background on the project: HERE also see the beginning of the issues from the closure of the project: The Quietus ……… The Safe House Project Closes and The Ultimatum on December 30, 2009

Friday, February 26, 2010

No Immediate Legal protection for your image captured in a public place?

Here is the promised follow up to the blog post on the legal ramifications coming out of a protest at an event in Kingston on February 12, 2010 as to the concerns of photo taking in a public place and their possible use or misuse in a defamatory way. Photos were taken of patrons and car license numbers that were parked outside the venue and it is not yet known if they have been used but as a precautionary measure legal advice was sought on the matter and here is basically the understanding arrived at after the consultation.

There is no law under our statute that can hinder anyone to capture photographs in a public place it is a very delicate area of the law, one does not have a right to ones image if it is taken in a public space without the subjects consent, the law offers no protection from having an image of a person or thing occupying that space. If the photo is used in any way to defame the subjected person(s) involved then under common law there is recourse.

At best a letter or warning of sorts from an attorney of the complainant can be sent to the photographers or the suspected individuals advising them that any use of the photos that were taken without the permission of the subjects would lead to action without any legal recourse to them. This is an option that can be reserved. In France for example members of the public have a right to their image so the photos basically could have been ordered destroyed and the relevant actions taken against the parties involved in capturing the shots.

Jamaican citizens however have the right to protection from defamation, in a common law scenario the court will have to afford protection from being viewed in a derogatory light, one is entitled to their reputation but one cannot protect a reputation that one does not have, the common law however does not allow for others to intrude in person’s privacy.

So the only option in the initial stage is a warning letter through an attorney advising them accordingly that one is aware of the photos captured without consent and the possible legal actions if said photos are used to defame any of the subjected parties.

So much for rights eh?

So as it turns out there is a major loop hole here in terms of personal safety still, what if years down the road these photos turn up then one would have to use legal recourse to stop any defamatory action. The law needs to offer more protection to citizens’ rights and privacy than just after the fact when my image or that of my property is captured and stored somewhere and can be drawn upon to be used without my knowledge or consent or where I can’t act even under suspicion that my image is stored somewhere to have it destroyed. This is a sad state of affairs though legally.

Peace and tolerance.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Discussion on Reggae music and recent conference

Dr. Hume Johnson author, newspaper contributor and lecturer on Reggae music culture at the University of The West Indies appeared on Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica on February 23, 2010 to discuss the Reggae conference and presentations recently.

The discussion generalised on the actions being taken by certain European states such as Germany and Italy who have banned certain artists from Jamaica in particular because the perception of hate music specifically towards homosexuals. Reputation management and other forms of damage control were suggested by Dr. Hume Johnson said that good artists are getting blamed or suffering for the utterances of a few other artists. The recent Chris Brown beating saga with Rihanna was compared to and how he used damage control to restore his image and position the criticism that we ban music advocating gay hate but play an abusers music also hints were given to Whitney Houston’s return after her continued drug use and the use of marketing to repair her image in the public’s eye. There is a gap in public relations suggested Dr. Johnson she continued that there needs to be crisis management for reggae artists in general so good artists can get their material out.

Host Simon Crosskill criticised the Germans in particular saying that they were once haters themselves via Nazi camps suggesting that they are not in a position to judge others. The word xenophobia was used to describe a recent article hinting to Germany and Italy’s actions in cancelling shows. The perceptions that gays on the streets being abused in Jamaica on the strength of certain anti gay lyrics was rebuffed by them discounting the strength and power of the spoken word.

A snippet of a Jamaica Observer article published Sunday January 17 which spoke to the issue of banning artists in Europe written by one Charles Hamble from Germany was read by Simone Clarke Cooper following on the cancellation of an Italian reggae festival which has been moved to Spain: “ ....conditions in Jamaica have shown us the extent of the anti gay violence can be agitated by the hysterical and homophobic rantings of these crazy artists, the messages coming from the stage work people up into a frenzy to go beat up and kill gays a result it is a regular occurrence in Kingston and elsewhere in the Caribbean for men who are gay or perceived to be gay to be hounded through the streets subjected to” she ended by commenting that it was not real. Simon Crosskill called it rubbish.

Clearly Simon Crosskill and Simone Clarke Cooper the show’s hosts shows their bias in this matter and how out of touch they are with reality in discounting the homophobic actions towards GLBT people or he may be ignorant as well as to the realities of these cases of beatings, attacks and murders over the years. The perception that many gays who are killed are killed by other gays themselves which may be true to a point but the real issues are usually brushed away in discussions like this which is not surprising. I would have thought JFLAG as almost powerless and ineffective as they may be would have been invited to this discussion. Of note the recent conference at the University of the West Indies on the Reggae and homophobia saw no formal representation from the GLBT community save and except for persons who attended in their private capacities to witness the conference discussions which were laced with bias as concerns were more about the music than lives or reaching some favourable compromise.
No surprise there either.

Dr. Johnson commented that there needs to be a change in perception that we (Jamaicans) disagree with homosexuality but respect the right to life. Here again this shows how out of touch persons from the intelligencia and the upper classes are far removed from the realities on the ground bearing in mind that a 17 year old male was attacked in Sav-la-mar in western Jamaica on Saturday February 20, 2010 and is presently homeless also a 23 year old male was attacked at his home in Kingston on February 22, 2010 when he attempted to get some clothes from his family after they warned him to keep a low profile seeing he has been threatened by thugs before. I will publish the details if and when permission from the respective clients has been granted to do so as I must respect their rights.

The recent Armadale inquiry report where seven girls died in a fire in May 2009 started by a tear gas canister thrown by a police officer into an overcrowded facility run by the government that was leaked to the media was juxtaposed to being more important and rightly so but gays somehow who are constantly abused and prescribed abuses in lyric are not important so once again gays get shafted but this time using genuine issues that also need attention.

How convenient?

When can we get a fair discussion without emotions clouding spirit of what needs to be achieved?

Peace and tolerance


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The low wearing pants issue .....


The government these days feel it can just become judge juror and lawmaker for every god damn thing these days, Jamaica in my estimation does not have a lot of men wearing low cut pants anymore that style has died from last year 2009, most jeans nowadays are straight tight jeans in brands like Gucci that have very straight cut leg lengths and maybe wider waists for hip hugging.

The jeans itself just sits at the hip not below to show butt cheeks as said by many commentators and in fact the tight jeans being worn now if they were worn in let’s say three or four years ago a man would have been beaten or attacked for being gay. The notion of a man so well put together then he is considered gay or his sexuality comes into question.

This is a social issue I think and there shouldn’t be interference by the legislators on everything. This one should just play itself out but the police are already using the public decency act to arrest men coming from dancehall events especially who are well dressed. What about the events coming up like carnival where persons are scantily dressed in tights or butt showing attire, what about the dancehall outdoor events where live sex has occurred those haven’t been deemed out of place yet or we should wait until the administration decides to go there to lock up people.

Will lesbian sisters who dress masculine in low pants as well be arrested too?

Freedom of choice I thought was a right and why is it the lawmakers must just go around and make laws for everything to drown persons’ freedoms?

There are more serious crimes out there that need the police's attention than to be looking for ass showing men, the poor cops with their job descriptions always growing and no benefits to add to their remuneration.

There are some states in the US that have laws that speak to low wearing jeans with even specified measurements but as we have seen those pants are very low but Jamaicans don’t go so far to show in some instances full butt cheeks showing. The notion that men who wear these jeans that are so low are gay is nonsense and just shows the naivety involved in the legislators and some public commentators’ utterances.

We must watch these happenings for as simple as they are, they are our rights being slowly impinged upon I fear, this administration has been in overdrive to make laws at will, in two years of being in power the parliament has been in overtime reviewing laws some needed others I feel are totally unnecessarily so.

What you think?

Peace and tolerance

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Americans more supportive of 'gay men and lesbians' than 'homosexuals'


Jessica Green

A survey has found that the wording used when asking the public about their views on gay rights makes a substantial difference to the answers.

A recent CBS News/New York Times poll asked 1,084 American adults their view on gays serving openly in the military.

It found that respondents were far more supportive when they were asked about "gay men and lesbians", instead of "homosexuals".

Seventy per cent of respondents were supportive of gay men and lesbians serving in the military but this dropped to 59 per cent when the word "homosexuals" was used.

When respondents were asked whether they believed gay men and lesbians should be allowed to be open about their sexuality, 58 per cent agreed but only 44 per cent agreed when they were asked about homosexuals.

The noun 'homosexual' is rejected by some because of its clinical connotations, which hark back to the days when gay people were viewed as mentally ill.

It is used most often by those who disagree with homosexuality and is sometimes modified to 'homosexualists' when discussing gay rights activists.

US newspapers The New York Times and The Washington Post restrict usage of the term ' homosexual' and the Post's style guide notes that it "can be seen as a slur".

British newspapers generally accept 'gay' as a permissible alternative to 'homosexual'. The Guardian counsels that 'gay men' should be used instead of 'gays', while the Daily Telegraph states that 'homosexual' is an adjective, not a noun.

In recent years, some style guides warned against the use of the term 'practising homosexual'. This phrase has now disappeared from the majority of style guides, as it has presumably become almost obsolete in mainstream use.

High Drama as Homophobes attempt to disrupt and picket party

An event that was in full gear in Kingston on February 12, 2010 at around 11:50pm was the scene of a two plus hour protest inclusive of abusive remarks by 2 females and 4 males initially. The angry neighbours who demanded that the Faggots leave their community and no noise or disturbances launched a scaving homophobic protest. The venue which was carefully prepared via decorative cloth on the fencing and gates to privatize the party activities never had any hints of alleged gays and lesbians kissing and carrying on as falsely described by one of the placard waving and shouting residents repeatedly.

The host had on her employ a 5 man security detail who watched with care until they were discharged of duties just before the police arrived to defuse the situation.

The protest apparently stemmed from a party that was held the week before which at its climax had a very public altercation between several patrons of that event, that event indeed was a gay party as I was in attendance but left before the damming proceedings unfolded. The immediate neighbours said that they were upset at last week’s public brawl on the streets and demanded that no other “dutty, nasty Battyman and sodomite come bout yah” (dirty nasty gay men and sodomites come here) the leading female protester said. The host of the current event that was being picketed tried to defuse the situation several times by explaining to the protestors that she only knew of the previous week’s incident in detail on the same night of finalizing her event and couldn’t be held accountable for that. She said she was assured that all would have been well by the respective parties involved in its organizing. The protesters however went into overdrive saying that they didn’t care about that and we must move our nastiness elsewhere among other unmentionables inclusive of expletives.

Machete wielding and threats
At several points during the drama a male occupant, of the property next to the immediate neighbour made threatening assertions and wielded a machete but the party continued despite the five protesters ongoing chants and threats which grew louder over time. They then proceeded to light a bonfire just adjacent to the entrance to the venue and fuelled the fire with petrol as it was evident in the odour coming from the smoke it discharged.

Photos taken of patrons …….
Disturbingly as the impasse slowly intensified three of the protesters and other passers-by dawned digital cameras and camera phones and captured photos of patrons entering and exiting the venue specifically by face and also the license registration plates of vehicles that were parked on the road as there was no available parking inside the venue, later on during the impasse after myself and the host visited the Half Way Tree Police station to get their assistance as we thought the situation needed to be defused as soon as possible the police did turn up after a second visit by the host to the precinct. I questioned the lead officer as to the photography that was done by the protesters and their response to me was that they couldn’t do anything about it as they never saw photos being taken. It was a while after that it was also discovered that photos were being secretly taken by the very high perimeter wall (almost 8 feet in height) by one of the protesting party who turned off his camera flash. Before he had taken shots outside using a flash as the street lighting wasn’t providing a good backdrop.

I am very concerned however about the capturing and possible usage of those photos by the protesters and it is hard to say how many were actually captured and when. The answer as given to me by the officers was not satisfactory at all. I hope to investigate the legal boundaries if any are present and publish same if and where I am successful. In fact many patrons literally when into the focus of the camera totting protestors to show they weren’t afraid of them.
Party patrons tried to in turn tried to take photos as well of the protestors side of things but this was met with resistance from them and threats were hurled at the would be photographers which eventually included myself, photos were then taken of us while we were capturing the scene, it was then things almost took a turn for the worst as heated exchanges ensued this was because several other patrons who were on the inside had left the dance floor to see what was really going down and did not take kindly to their party being obstructed over simple matters. The bonfire continued to burn it had a tyre as its base and lit just on the outside of the venue was fed steady doses of fuel in the form of bushes and petrol.

The Police Action
The police arrived on the scene after myself and the host visited the Half Way Tree station to get their intervention in the matter, upon their arrival the protesters were chanting loudly and hurling homophobic remarks with their bonfire fully ablaze apparently thinking the police would have sided with them, they were ordered to immediately extinguish the fire they had started but unfortunately the party had to end as the host did not have a permit to continue after 2am, the host complied with the police’s request to discontinue. The now 7 officers on the scene maintained a presence to see to it that the patrons left and were not abused as the protesters now 10, were moved several feet away from the original scene of the action, they however occasionally hurled their remarks but the officers kept control of the situation.
Of note the language and tone of the protesters changed immediately to a calm one and the machetes and cameras were no where in sight when the officers arrived much to patrons surprise and humour.

Thanks however to the police for this intervention and cooling a possible serious situation. It shows a vast improvement on the professionalism of the force which is welcomed to bring balance and fairness.

New patrons arriving on the scene soon left without entering while others who were already there left in segments but refreshingly most stayed their ground and partied none the less until it was turned off, others stayed by the gate on the inside determined to get involved if it got ugly, cute forms of passive resistance, I was delighted to see this unity especially from the lesbian community, I surmise that it was this mass ignoring the disturbance outside that got the protestors upset thinking we would have caved in to their demands. I apologized on the host’s behalf to the patrons and cordially asked them to leave quietly without regarding the noisy protestors on the outside. They complied but a few couldn’t resist the temptation to verbally respond and poking fun while leaving. The location of the party is a semi commercial district so I am not sure as to the need for a permit to operate a monitored event over the 2am Noise Abatement Act deadline.

If the protesters had an issue with the event and after speaking directly to its host why is it that a compromise could not have been reached?

I strongly suspect that they never expected the patronage to stay their ground and basically ignore their agitation outside the precincts of the private property bearing in mind the owner was present. While we must respect the right of freedom of speech/peaceful protest, igniting a fire just at the entrance to private property is way out of place and the hurling of threats and abusive remarks dotted with plagiaristic lines to look as if they are tolerant to a point but …. That never impressed me. As one patron commented we are here and we all are going to have to learn to live together and stop this foolishness one day. The action as how it unfolded was totally uncalled for.

Peace and tolerance


Deacon Seeks Sex from boy says The Star


Michael Lee, STAR Writer

A deacon at a Seventh Day Adventist church in Kingston, who was taped trying to make sexual advances to a teenage boy recently, left the place of worship after he was disciplined.

Steven Benjamin*, a member of the church, told THE STAR that everyone was shocked when the tape was played for a pastor of the church. He said, however, that some persons had previously suspected the deacon was a homosexual.

possibly gay

"I normally made comments that he was possibly gay; however, it was not taken seriously by many. Although I had my speculation, I was still shock at this discovery," said the church member.

A man who attended the church and lives in the area, said that the deacon had approached the teen, admitted he was gay and that he wanted to be involved in a sexual activity with him. It is alleged that the teen then told his friends about the deacon's proposal.

It is claimed that the teen and his friends approached the deacon and acted as if they were interested in taking part in his activity, but carried a device to record the conversation. It is alleged that he admitted that he was gay during the conversation.

played the tape

The youths are said to have then told the pastor of the church and played the tape for him. The deacon is said to have admitted that he approached the teen after the recording was played.

The deacon was instructed to sit at the back of the church, however, he was reportedly not pleased about this. The church member told THE STAR that the deacon did not want anyone to pray for him, as well.

"When persons wanted to pray for him, he did not want anyone to pray for him ... He said that he wants to remain like that," said the church member.

*Name change to protect identity

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gay and Lesbian Alliance to protest “hate” singer


The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast (GALA) plans to protest the appearance of a Reggae singer known as “Capleton” because of his violent hate lyrics toward gays.

Capleton is scheduled to play at the San Luis Obispo Downtown Brewing Company on Feb. 17 at 7:30 p.m. GALA is asking for the community to come together and help them picket the event.
“I do believe that disliking something and voicing your opinion is alright,” said Sheryl Flores, GALA vice president. “But to promote the killing of bisexuals and gay people is very disconcerting.”
GALA is asking supporters to meet at the GALA Center at 1060 Palm Street in San Luis Obispo at 5 p.m. on Feb. 16 to help make signs. On Feb. 17, protesters will leave the GALA Center at 5 p.m. for a peaceful march over to the Downtown Brewing Company.
“We want to stress, it is a peaceful protest,” Flores said.

Capleton is from Jamaica, a country that has made homosexuality a crime and glorifies the killing of gays. The lyrics of “Give Har” provide an example of Capleton’s anti-gay music.

“Shoulda know seh Capleton bun battyman
You should know that Capleton burns queers

“Dem same fire apply to di lesbian
The same fire applies to lesbians

“Seh mi bun everything from mi know seh dem gay
Say, I burn everything as long as I know that they’re gay

“All boogaman and sodemites fi get killed
All queers and sodomites should be killed”

Following escalating protests against Capleton’s music, which spurred a string of show cancellations including the Los Angeles House of Blues’ termination of Capleton’s scheduled 2004 performance, the controversial singer signed an agreement in which he pledged to condemn violence against the gay and bisexual communities.

However, equal rights groups contend he has continued to sing anti-gay songs, which has again prompted cancellations of many of his concerts throughout the world.

“This type of hatred is so hard to erase especially for the youth,” Flores said. “People in our community already have so much trouble coming out and being themselves. This could put the youth back in the closet.”
Calls to the Downtown Brewing Company were not returned.
also see the Petrelis blog post as well

JAMAICA HAS GAY CHURCH? says the Jamaica Star,

Jamaica is notoriously referred to as one of the most homophobic countries, so it may come as a shock to find out that at least once every month, a gay church reportedly keeps service in Kingston.

While THE WEEKEND STAR was not able to find out the exact location of the church, evidence of one of their worship sessions was posted on popular video sharing site under the title 'Gays in Jamaica worship in underground church'.

The video which appears to be a special feature done on the church, was uploaded on November 11, by The entity identifies itself as an international news source that, among other things, reports 'on events from around the world and cover the stories that don't always make the headlines'. Since being uploaded, the video has recorded approximately 4,000 hits.

worship in secret

The close to six-minute-long clip starts with the narrative: 'Jamaica is often said to hold the world record for the most churches per-square-mile. There's a public place of worship for almost everyone, unless you're gay. If you are, you must worship in secret. Reverend Robert Griffin, a gay-American minister flies to Kingston once a month to lead this underground service ...'

Midway through this introduction, the clip shows the male members of the church and Griffin, the head, singing a song Welcome Holy Spirit with eyes closed and hands lifted as if in deep meditative worship.

Throughout the video, the males, whose faces are blurred, are seen holding hands, resting arms around each other, playing tambourine and singing lively choruses, clapping and even taking communion.

While speaking to the interviewer, Griffin said the church had to operate underground because of the "hostility towards the gay and lesbian community here in Jamaica." The minister said going public would "invite harm (and) danger to the congregation."

The pastor said that there was no physical church building or tent but that everything needed to keep the services, bible, communion condiments and tambourines, were kept in boxes until the appointed time.

During a section of pastor's sermon to his gay gathering, he was heard telling the church: "God loves us because, guess what? God created us. And God did not create us just to sit around and hate us because we chose to love someone of the same gender."

Towards the end of the video, Griffin chided local ministers for what he described as their messages of hate and violence towards gays in Jamaica and called for an end to such practices on the part of the local clergy.

Head of the Kingston-based Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre, Bishop Herro Blair, was interviewed by the news agency in the video and he spoke on the behalf of the local religious leaders.

Blair stated that Jamaica was a homophobic society that grew up to dislike homosexuals and to hate homosexuality. He said that God's concept was an Adam and an Eve for the continuity of the human race and that homosexuality in and of itself, has the potential to hinder that God-intended process.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Blair said that he was interviewed over a year ago but he had never seen the taping since.

He said that he did not know if the gay church was still active as he never made any checks on it.

As for the request that the gay pastor made in the video for local ministers to stop preaching against homosexuality, Blair said: "To do that would be a compromise of our faith ... If they have a right to be wrong, then we have a right to be right."

The Quietus ......... The Safe House Project Closes

Hope remains while company is true

So as the news of the demise or conclusion to the operations of the JASL Safe house pilot project in its present form ends many are wondering:

1) What next for the clients in the meantime?

2) Is there a replacement in the works and when?

3) Will JFLAG take on this?

4) Could the project been tweaked seeing the issue was about the residents behaviour and the management?

5) Is it that the stabilization work was not properly done and can be re-introduced in the remaining time of the pilot?

The fallout looks serious on the face of it and with criticisms about the coverage of the debacle on this blog heats up I really don’t care to be honest, these things must be exposed, yet they are not bold enough to comment publicly on the posts to show freedom of expression. So the veil of secrecy continues, be it resolved that this blog will be used to highlight, expose and condemn any perceived negative actions by individuals or groups whether gay or not against other Gay and Bisexual individuals as the name implies, it is a platform for watchdog commentary and analysis.

As it turns out the mischief and rumours I have been accused of ended up becoming a reality as the house was closed on Friday February 6, 2010, two former members are critically ill (not necessarily due to the closure) and one has been hospitalized in a Kingston facility known for it’s poor treatment of HIV/AIDS patients specifically the males who are often left at the back of the ward and attended to rarely when the other patients are cleared during ward runs. This concern about HIV+ patients has been raised before on this blog but who cares eh?

The patient in question is male and there is a growing concern as to the rapid deterioration in his health as he is said to have suffered another stroke as he has had three before now. So politics and foolishness causes the near demise of clients who really need help it’s sad that this is what has come out of this ugly episode in our LGBT history to think that a well needed intervention though it’s ad hoc development and mid way disruptions could have been properly tailored and reshaped instead of a closure or if there are no funds to carry out the operations fully then say so, bearing in mind the members and their friends have shown they are able to raise their own funds as they did in a event that was able to provide money for necessities. 

That act in and of itself teaches and reinforces empowerment, self sustainability and maturity which would positively result in a stick-to-itiveness which could make the members autonomous and all that would have been needed in the long run is monitoring and evaluation with the relevant psychological and counselling support for those who need it. Let us not forget as well the continued HIV/AIDS sensitizations and adherence where required.

Another former client of concern was a female though not a member of the LAG community is still of concern as it’s about care, she was on the road to recovery from a low episode in health but since the closure is struggling in a sense. Thankfully there are those who quietly help by purchasing items where possible and visits as well to cheer up the guys.

Other complaints however from former clients in the program doesn't auger well for the situation either there are unproven accusations of favouritism and verbal abuse by persons in the program with instances of expletives hurled at them by staff in a bootcamp like setting, ad hoc curfews are implemented whilst donations have been refused from so called questionable persons who cannot prove their source of income.

A few unruly clients were however expelled from the program and rightfully so as in any system there must be order and discipline..

A boot camp run project for this sensitive grouping is not my idea of a safe house, yes there must be rules but alleged brutish imposition of them is not required as they the clients already need to feel appreciated based on the rejection many feel from the homes of origin and general society, a double or triple whammy as the respective cases maybe. A possible solution is a boarding/residential typed facility with rooms with no more than two persons per room so as to allow solace and alone time as well as any rehabilitation process requires thought, introspection and preparation and review of self efficacious activity, speaking of which ...............

What about self efficacious activity? 

Allowing the members to develop their own path to growth and with the presence of a certain services would have worked if it were properly sustained. Where are the empowerment tools that can be offered to the population in a timely and measured fashion so as to tailor future activities from best practices as there will be more persons who fall under this umbrella.

The possible triple whammy: a basic look

Being HIV positive and worried about status of health with everyday needs
Gay, ostracised and abused with some suffering homophobic abuse
Feelings of hopelessness and unappreciated by others and general society

Triple threat? It would seem so on the face of it, as stated in a recent radio interview on HIV issues in Newstalk 93 FM the former Executive Director highlighted the lack of any formal government supported or run housing solutions for homeless HIV+ persons (despite orientation) the other hospice typed facilities are not suited for proper transitional or temporary housing for HIV/AIDS care, in fact there is a stigma attached to them as “dead houses in waiting” as anyone heard to have gone to one of are deemed at the end stage of the disease.

Personal interventions are on the works where possible as persons are doing their own part which is good.

Peace and tolerance


click the "Homeless MSM: tab immediately below for previous exclusive entries on homelessness 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The PM on the Independent Commission of Investigation’s Bill Debate

While on his feet yesterday February 10, 2010 in the House of Parliament the Prime Minster Honourable Bruce Orette Golding said words to the effect that:...............

If the rights of others are breached then his own rights cannot be sacrosanct and therefore the state must ensure that the rights of all are secure.

One wonders where this thinking was during the Sexual Offences Bill Debate and is it only for police extra judicial killings being investigated that where rights are to be recognised under this another new independent investigatory arm.

Obviously LGBT people therefore are not seen or to be recognised then even during allegations of abuse by police to gays and lesbians, the lack of proper police records and reports of abuse is a glaring example of the callousness and disregard for us as LGBT people. Michael Petrelis another blogger from San Francisco has been trying to get proper documentation from the respective offices of government including the Office of The Prime Minister under the Access to Information Act with very little success which is not surprising but to hear the words of the Prime Minister on his feet during the current debate is almost blasphemous as it is a turn around from the position he took on the invented gay marriage smoke screen used to justify the exclusion of gender based rights from the Charter of Rights Bill and from the Sexual Offences Bill recently passed.

(see Charter of Rights Bill and Sexual Offences Bill Tabs on GLBTQ JA and GJW blogs)

Suddenly rights are important for purposes to sell to the public an independent investigation unit when as we have seen in last few weeks the not surprisingly high levels of corruption within the ranks of the police force taking into account the large ammunition find and one of their own held for it at Mountain View area recently, refreshingly however it was a set of young cops who pointed out the infraction and they are to be commended for it, some of whom have since been promoted or received some form of commendation, I only hope their lives aren’t in any danger due to this dent made in the illegal guns trade.

So the trick is to avoid supposed rights that are unpleasant to the religious elite but champion the ones carried by other human rights bodies so as to get their support it seems, its has been some time that Jamaicans for Justice and many others have been asking for a totally independent body to investigate alleged infractions and crimes committed by agents of the state and rightly so but this seems like the Bruce Golding led Jamaica Labour Party administration is pandering to the gallery yet again on selected issues while gays can forget it in as far as basic recognition as human beings.

It’s tiresome now to see how politicians use so called interest in rights issues to gain popularity when convenient, when are we going to get real leaders who are bold enough to make the unpopular decisions without having to worry about the political fallout? It is well known that in private circles many of the politicians who publicly hit out at issues like homosexuality hum a different tune but they are aware of how explosive and manipulative this issue is and that they can be employed to their advantage.

Will the real leaders please stand up and speak out.

Stop using rights when it’s convenient to look as if you are doing something good.

We are not fools out here.

Will the real advocates please stand up and demand justice.

A wah wi a go do lawd?

Peace and tolerance


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cybersex and relationships

At another bloggers' Lyme recently this time done online another sticky topic came up that of cybersex as done by persons involved in so called monogamous relationships. Long term lovers tend to loose their sex drive after a while and resort to other forms of sexual activities to keep the action alive. Many worry about the normalcy in their sex lives when cybersex, sex toy usage and Internet porn takes the place of real person to person contact making the love die in a sense. Homosexual males whether for instant gratification of just addictions tend to use cybersex as a way to satisfy desires quickly.

Fantasies can be acted out online with ones face hidden but of course the all important genitalia is key to attracting partners online for masturbatory sessions and for some twice or three times in one night. Those fantasies may not be ones that are had with the live-in partner and to compensate often time secret cybersex camera action is employed so as not to pressure the live-in partner to bend over backwards to please the other. The at home partner still gets the emotional attention and support necessary to create the illusion or appearance of a monogamist union.

Does this practice lead to decreases in love life if one or both partners in a relationship are practising?

Some say yes some say no, as it depends on how it’s done. If one partner for example is on a business trip or is away for a short time that maybe an excuse for cybersex with outsiders not with the at home partner. One blogger at the Lyme says he used to practice cam to cam masturbation with guys even when he was with his partner full time but he knew he loved his partner no matter what, he explained that he never showed his face only from the neck down and chose guys who did the same for one on one cam action. The experts say that one can get addicted to cybersex and tend to loose real emotional and sexual desires for another person on a one on one level because the attraction is just for instant gratification or as some call it a quick nut. Then there is the proverbial hook up dude who uses the internet to meet one night standers for just quick fun and may incorporate cybersex before the actual hook-up takes place or compensate for distance if the meeting cannot be done at that particular time.

Is that considered cheating?

Some say yes and some say no, if it’s an open relationship where both partners can go outside the union for sexual pleasures well it couldn’t be considered cheating but if the union is monogamous in nature and one steps out in this format without the others knowledge then emotionally it is cheating. I guess it depends on the grounds and boundaries set by the persons involved in the relationship. Others felt strong that it was in fact cheating and that dishonesty in any form leads to a must fail in the union as time progresses, unions must remain monogamous and lovers must be true to each other no matter what if not its just a casual “spirit tek” mess that’s doomed to fail. There are those who also engage in orgies by allowing a third or fourth partner into a session for sex but emotionally the two original members of the couple know they are tied together and share a bond.

Cybersex as a safer sex method

Others in the HIV/AIDS advocacy world do encourage the use of cybersex as a means to safe sex. Many experts encourage its use to avoid risky behaviour and also to examine ones possible partner while on camera to literally look for signs of sexually transmitted infections around ones genitalia and so on before the actual hook-up takes place. Self masturbation was already recommended as a form of safer sex practices but camming has now been added in the digital age of instant video streaming and live chats. How repetitive one employs this form of sexual play is questionable as again I draw on the notion of getting addicted to emotionless sex.

meanwhile here is a treat:

What’s your take on the issue?

Public comments please

Peace and tolerance


Coming out or outed

These days in the Jamaican context one can imagine the difficulties same gender loving men young and old alike have in the coming out process. That can be defined as either voluntarily doing so or forcibly outed by just family members and friends prying into the private lives of persons who do not have a member of the opposite sex romantically present in their lives and publicly displaying their affections to each other. The preverbal questions asked by usually inquisitive older family members like, where is your girlfriend or boyfriend? as the case maybe or when are you going to produce children or grandchildren? These annoying taunts sometimes are brushed off with convenient answers like soon or he/she doesn’t want to come to my house yet so as to avoid the pestering.

Many homosexuals or MSMs in Jamaica end up being outed after the above issues go on for a protracted period and when the family membership, friends or nosy neighbours don’t see the partner of the opposite sex forthcoming then the all too familiar rumour and whispers increases usually unbeknown to the subject. There have been cases as well where the desire to prove their suspicions leads to searching personal effects such as cell phone message inboxes or emails if they get access to those communication areas. I distinctly recall a case a couple years ago where a young man was rebuffed by his family and thrown out of the house with his belongings after his mother instructed his younger brother to search his phone for suspicious gay activity, her suspicious were confirmed when several private messages were discovered, she proceeded to hold on to the phone as proof and showed the damming messages between himself and alleged male counterparts to his father and other neighbours thus occasioning their demand for his exit. He eventually moved out of the community under some police protection.

Our socialization is much more closely nit as neighbours are more friendly than other jurisdictions so people tend to (“Fass”) pry into affairs of the heart if needs be, if a single man for example lives alone and has no female companions visiting or over nighting then he is watched closely for suspicious clues of his sexuality. Disturbingly sometimes other undercover gay and bisexual persons participate in this rumour mill of sorts to cover their own tracks especially if they have no visible clues of gayness for e.g. effeminate aesthetics, metro sexual attire or association with the subjected individual(s) in question. Certainly over time many gay men who had suffered this forced outing process have complained that other gay men have outed them by pointing them out to the prying audience and with very little way of defending oneself at this point the outed person(s) usually for their own safety quietly and quickly relocate to avoid problems.

There are more positive accounts however of persons coming out to more tolerant family members and friend but usually these accounts come from persons who are travelled and exposed to other cultures predominantly the United States and the UK. Social class has a lot to do with this as well as many of these accounts come from upper middle income earning households who have a different take on the coming out process almost mimicking a North American approach but sometimes the negative impacts include exclusion from a will (loss of access to the trust fund), ostracism from the home, malice, loss of privileges and family breakups.

I doubt if there is anything on record at JFLAG that properly documents this phenomenon or track the persons involved most of what I have garnered is from memory or my own tracking of past cases I am aware of.

Another tragic outing process is through the mass media when sometimes embellished stories make front page news like the recent Barbie episodes or persons forcibly evicted from their homes and the actions justified in some sense by the writers of the respective articles. Who can forget the very public outing of two gay men in western Jamaica several years ago when they were allegedly escorted by police to the station on foot in the nude after neighbours called the cops under suspicion that the men were gay and having sex in their home. The police were said to have entered the home and ordered the men to undress then told them to follow them to the station much to the jeering and laughter of the public looking on. Respect for the precinct or sanctity of the threshold of ones home is usually smashed when invaders be they arms of the law or rowdy members of the public seem to think they have a right to mame alleged gay individuals anywhere and anytime.

Probably a set of programs or courses need too be implemented to aid experts in human sexuality gays, lesbians and their families about the coming out processes, its implications and tolerance that could include the tenets of the law where privacy, freedom of choice, sexuality and basic rights are concerned.

Mi a wonda a who a go dweet doh ? As di people dem who fi dweet nah seh nuttin.

Public comments please.

Peace and tolerance


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Real Advocacy or not?


With contributions from Yard Crab inna Foreen and Battyboi Bob

So there are advocates and there are advocates and the never ended quest to produce proposals, abstracts and budgets continue in the grand scheme of things. One wonders if the present set of circumstances really are in a honest bid to tackle the problems we have in our GLBTQ communities.

The main organization serving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender needs is a joke to say the least, this a criticism I have always had of JFLAG, they can do and ought to do a lot more, there are so many persons who need not just only crisis intervention typed assistance but also hotline counselling services that have been woefully lacking for several years, consultative forumatic sessions between the groups aforementioned are also urgently required to arrive at sensible and workable solutions to growth with tolerance from the mainstream.

With so many persons still having serious issues directly related to homophobia such as ostracism, displacement, religious bias and violent attacks and the transgender community clamoring for visibility within a transphobic gay and lesbian setting, who will really stand up and honestly, patiently and directly deal with the issues at hand without having to worry about reputations and criticisms from observers who just want to point out the right things and what else can be done? The present systems, organizations and persons involved do not seem to be getting the job done properly, we have a Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, Sunshine Cathedral Jamaica, Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays all of whom on paper have HIV/AIDS interventions and Social Support programs directed at the mainstream, gay, lesbian and queer communities but can’t seem to get their acts together not even if they were combined into one. Without stepping on the toes of those who have tried over the years there maybe a time when a new set of persons and organizations may have to come forward with new out of the box ideas and programs to deal with the new faces of MSM out there and associated tough issues.

HIV infection rates have increased despite best efforts over the years by NGOs and the respective national programs plagued however by the alleged politics involved in the power play between private and public sector interests dealing with the controversial MSM community. On one hand the government’s health arm through the Ministry of Health wants to reach this community but cannot do so publicly because of the sensitivities involved chief among them the buggery law, public perception of male homosexuality and the real threat of political fallout for the respective ruling administrations, then there are the serious mistrust issues in the form of criticisms levied at the same Ministry basically accusing them of using the MSM community to make up testing numbers and studies with no lasting outreach efforts in place to stop or contain the HIV spread in this marginalized grouping. Private groups and NGOs want to hold on to the intervention strategies and programs they already have been carrying out for years with no obstruction or dictation from the Ministry of Health and so the vicious cycle continues while gay men suffer, most of them in silence and precious funding is jostled for behind closed doors. The NGOs themselves have their share of mistrust issues from the very MSM community they are to serve just take a look at the homeless MSM tab on here to see for yourself. Sections of the community have long doubted the intentions of some of these NGOs, some say they are money trees for those who run them or gravy trains for large funds that are available for vulnerable populations.

Why is it for example that a certain NGO designed for social support for gays having on its list of clients, men who have been abused yet they cannot get financial assistance from the said group and have to be on the streets in one instance begging while other clients seem to get preferential treatment in own their cases?

The intentions look blurred and unclear and the concerns don’t seem genuine for some folks, when one canvasses sections of the community in large part that’s the hint you get in the answers. The recent civil disobedience action taken by a group of MSM at a local NGO is proof of the distrust and how deeply entrenched it has become. One would have thought that trust ought to be a key factor in any kind of social intervention so as to connect with the target audience involved otherwise how effective can programs and activities be if the people who really need it don’t wish to be engaged simply because they don’t see one as genuine?

Could it be burn-out that is causing the problem as well? Persons could be just tired from all the years of being there that they have become immune to issues, not ready or willing to adapt to change.

That’s not to say that there has not been progress made over the years but with the recent negative activities perceived or otherwise how can we get good results with the present set of circumstances and policies still in place, are the powers that be willing to step aside and let new blood take it?

The answer is certainly not a yes, so I guess others will have to carve their own ideas and quietly do what needs to be and can be done, its not about competition to see who is better than whom but simply aiming for and getting real results thus having a meaningful impact on the lives of people. The make up of the various organizations may be a sticky issue as well as the seeming incestuous mix between them may be a debilitating factor hence a kind of rigor mortis sets in and it’s just the same ideological principles and practices that go throughout the policies and actions carried out and no new vision seems forthcoming.

The age old problem of class has reared its head again at least in one instance when one client of a certain NGO said to me recently that he doesn't feel comfortable anymore in going to them to talk about his issues as he clearly sees the unease in the faces of the front-line staff with remarks and snickering in some instances when he speaks. He named the organization clearly and said “They gone uptown now” implying the attitude of persons involved. He feels as if he is now just being given the run around with no clear action plan to help him recover from his ordeals.

There are other critics as well who are more experienced in advocacy either through volunteering over time or were contracted employees of one or more of the NGOs implied here who now say they are not interested in engaging them in any form or if they do it’s just at a casual glance out of respect. One group in particular was described by a former volunteer as a press release factory relating to the knee jerk reactions they have on issues and the lack of a more proactive approach to LGBT advocacy.

What can we do?

Do we need to let the groups/organizations know how we feel be it good or bad?

Weh unu tink eh?

Have you noticed any of the changes mentioned?

Public comments preferred or send comments or answers to, please indicate if you wish to have your responses published in or as a post.

Peace and tolerance

H and contributors

UPDATE podcast - September 7, 2011

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Clarifications on Sharia law (Observer letter)

(see original letter below)

Dear Editor,

This is a response to Anthony Gordon’s letter (published February 2, 2010) about Sharia law following the call by the head of the Jamaica Muslim League for homosexuals to be executed.

Like many Christians/Westerners, Mr Gordon fails to distinguish between Sharia law and local custom. Similar to Western law, Sharia is open to different interpretations and is administered in different degrees in Muslim societies.

So, while homosexual acts are regarded as a sin by the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the examples set by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be unto him), there is no universal application of the death penalty for homosexuals across the Muslim world.

Another glaring mistake made by Mr Gordon is his reference to Islamic executions being carried out by stoning the person to death. I think he might have got his religions muddled, as executions under Sharia are not prescribed to be carried out by this method.

As a matter of fact, even the slaughter of animals under Sharia law is to be done as swiftly and humanely as possible.

Another bone of contention is Mr Gordon’s haste to criticise what he sees as the imbalance in Islamic inheritance laws in favour of the males.

What he fails to realise is that whatever a woman gets from an inheritance is her own to do what she wishes with it, while the eldest male in the family, who gets a bigger share, is obliged to provide for the women in the household when he assumes the role of the head of the household on the death of the father.

It is also a little known fact that a Muslim wife is not under any obligation to work outside the home and her husband is supposed to provide all her material needs, including household help.

The sole “duty” of the wife is to see to the upbringing of the children and the running of the household, she does not have to do any of the “work” herself.

It is funny how non-Muslims rush to the defence of “oppressed” Muslim women when their women had to fight tooth and nail to achieve some form of equality and rights that Muslim women have had for 1,400 years.

Islam should be viewed as a religion that immensely improved the status of women and granted them many rights that the modern world has recognised only this century. Islam still has so much to offer today's woman: dignity, respect, and protection in all aspects and stages of her life, from birth until death, in addition to the recognition, balance, and means for the fulfilment of all her spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs.

That's why it is no surprise to find that most converts to Islam, today, in a country like Britain are women. In the US female converts to Islam outnumber male converts four to one.

Women and men are regarded as equal in the sight of God, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, and will receive the same reward in Paradise.

As for veiling and the headscarf, this is also not enshrined under Sharia, but is recommended for women as sign of their devotion to Islam.

I have never heard non-Muslims condemning a Catholic nun for wearing a head covering, or ever seen a picture of the Virgin Mary without a headscarf, so why the double standard?

What about what Paul had to say in I Corinthians 11:3-10 regarding women covering their head, is this being followed by modern-day Christians?

Some Christian denominations, such as the Amish and the Mennonites, for example, still insist that their women wear veils, as do certain Jewish sects.

Mr Gordon needs to do a little more research before he engages in any more Islam bashing.

Farruk Muhammad Abdullah


The drip dry boyfriend vs. the ever increasing Jamaican Metro sexual

I found myself in a discussion at a Lyme of some male lgbt bloggers where the whole matter of men who are metro sexual an ever increasing aesthetic here on the island vs. the drip dry male who just looks good despite his natural state, that is without the use of mountains of male grooming products and tight jeans & tank tops wearing proudly showing the endowed nipples and gifts from God wakes up in the morning rolls out of bed and just needs soap and water.

The other bloggers asked me to raise the issue in a post to see what comes of it.

Wade in Noah's bathroom the 1st day after he moves in

The guys discuss Noah's concern for Wade's high maintenance and grooming products

Noah removes traces of Wade's face mask after Wade had kissed him while wearing it

Alex snaps at Noah for not realising there is going to be head bumping when a man moves in for the first time

Wade's mountain of male grooming products

Wade stays at Noah's for a while but Noah realises how high maintenance he is

The issue came for mention when the guys and I were watching old episodes of Noah’s Arc (captioned above) where a scene had the character Wade in Noah’s bathroom applying facial creams much to Noah’s surprise and dismay somewhat, as the following scene showed Noah explaining his concerns to the other characters.

typical tight pants or some way tighter as seen on the streets as of late with some waists way below the natural line

dancehall's reigning prince, demi God and worshipped as a hero by some gays and lesbians not because he is gay (which he has not confirmed or denied) but because he has pushed the envelope and broken several serious taboos one of which was open skin bleaching by men

Interestingly Jamaican men gay, straight or bisexual as the case may be are increasingly conscious of their looks to the point that dancehall culture speaks to it in song about men competing with women over the skin bleaching creams and tight brand named expensive clothing lines worn today. The very dancehall acts who have lyrics demonizing bleaching creams and tight pants have themselves fallen into the trend and the women don't seem to mind.

As we traverse the city streets here in Jamaica one wonders if we are really in a homophobic society as is often said. Gorgeous buffed muscular men attired in the once vilified tight jeans but carefully maintaining the deep voices and a “bad man attitude” to justify the masculinity with puffy or corn rowed dyed hairdos and manicured nails despite social class.

One member of the lyme group (I call him J1) said he didn’t mind his boyfriend being the metro sexual as he found it interesting and he thought it reinforced his homosexuality thus making him attractive in his eyes. The stereotype that gay men overcompensate in personal care with high maintenance which makes him stands out was an attraction factor for J1, the other guys disagreed and I wasn’t sure where I stood as I don’t have a steady boyfriend now and never really allowed it to bother me that much.

The other guys (let’s call them J2 & J3) strongly disagreed and seem to play to the general Jamaican consensus that “man muss stay man” (men must be masculine and are to be seen as a real men) they felt that their “Men” must not use grooming products heavily like themselves or like women or look too effeminate as others gays looking on my berate their relationship as we say in Jamaica as “two pot covers slamming shut” (2 effeminate men in a sexual union is unacceptable and not logical) there must be a dominant man and a passive partner mimicking the heterosexual concept of relationship elements. But even as the landscape changes right before our eyes we now observe men having their hair done with extensions by the street side hairdressers and in increasing salons that are becoming unisexual, men wearing bleaching
creams in public or on the streets as well is not a shocking phenom anymore

Are these brothas gay? Or is it a mix of tastes and cultures?

As we are so influenced by things from up north and elsewhere.

There may be a study available on this phenomenon I was told it would be good to see the findings (got to search for it)
Then again the converse may justify the attraction issues as some masculine (heaviots) guys really like their men queenie and deeply femme or as drag queens and it’s the feminine aspects of the behavior that becomes the basis for the hookup.

Some questions:
Do you think that your partner should be deeply masculine?
Or do you mind that metro sexuality is evident in your man?
Do you think that seeing the ways and idiosyncrasies of a metro sexual partner may make him seem less of a man?
Is not accepting metrosexualism these days non progressive in lgbt culture?

The effeminate behavior of ones partner may take some getting used to but when the period comes around to introduce your loved one to people you fear the reaction and have to relive the reality of it being present all over again for just that split second.

UPDATE may 27th 2011

Skin bleaching has become an integral part of the whole Jamaican metrosexual culture but how the public has responded to Kartel's new look suggests that persons seem to know the difference between homo thugs vs other identities under the same gender loving population we must also bear in mind that there are women who love seeing men bleached as well.

the pic that some say makes him look gay (gay thug aesthetic)

Now that dancehall music's leading figure head Vybz Kartel has turned the industry upside down with his new look of bleached skin, twined hair probably with extensions weaved in the talk of his sexuality is on in earnest and with that comes men in public who also follow suit to keep up with the trends, as Kartel (Adijah Palmer) would no doubt say Kartel leads other follow. Men spend more time now on skin care, carefully selected feminized style clothing, maintaining very elegant wardrobes and are not afraid anymore to wear softer colours such as bright pink as once frowned upon in Jamaican society. Some same gender loving men especially those who are more on the effeminate side of things and who themselves may wear makeup or fully cross dress do not seem pleased at having a high maintenance man, some feel that they must not compete as almost to buy into the hetero-normative view of Jamaican masculinity, rough, tough aggressive normally kept thug or ordinary man just as long as he doesn't have any feminized faults or traits he is good to go. One person some time ago said they do not want to compete to go to the bathroom just to put themselves together or he looks more than them when they go out together which suggests some insecurity.

What’s on your mind about this?

(Public comments preferred) otherwise


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2007 MSM Study Reminder .....


EDITORIAL NOTE: the original slide was removed as has closed down in 2012 so the following pics were re-uploaded for your perusal.

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A look at the fear of the feminine (Effemophobia) by Jamaican standards & how it drives the homo-negative perceptions/homophobia in Jamaican culture/national psyche.

After catching midway a radio discussion on the subject of Jamaica being labelled as homophobic I did a quick look at the long held belief in Jamaica by anti gay advocates, sections of media and homophobes that several murders of alleged gay victims are in fact 'crimes of passion' or have jealousy as their motives but it is not as simple or generalized as that.

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Information & Disclaimer

Not all views expressed are those of GJW

This blog contains pictures and images that may be disturbing. As we seek to highlight the plight of victims of homophobic violence here in Jamaica, the purpose of the pics is to show physical evidence of claims of said violence over the years and to bring a voice of the same victims to the world.

Many recover over time, at pains, as relocation and hiding are options in that process. Please view with care or use the Happenings section to select other posts of a different nature.

Not all persons depicted in photos are gay or lesbian and it is not intended to portray them as such, save and except for the relevance of the particular post under which they appear.

Please use the snapshot feature (if available for your device(s) to preview by pointing the cursor at the item(s) of interest. Such item(s) have a small white dialogue box icon appearing to their top right hand side.

God Bless

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APJ Website Launch & Link

Aphrodite's P.R.I.D.E Jamaica, APJ launched their website on December 1 2015 on World AIDS Day where they hosted a docu-film and after discussions on the film Human Vol 1

audience members interacting during a break in the event

film in progress

visit the new APJ website HERE

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The Hypocrisy of Jamaican Anti Gay Groups & Selective Actions of Societal Ills

The selectivity of the anti gay religious voices on so called societal ills is examined in this podcast as other major issues that require the "church" to have spoken up including sexual abuse by pastors in recent times yet mere silence on those matters is highlighted.

Why are these groups and so called child rights activists creating mass hysteria and have so much strength for HOMOSEXUALITY but are quiet on corruption in government, missing children, crime in the country and so much more but want to stop same gender loving persons from enjoying peace of mind and PRIVACY?

Also is the disturbing tactic of deliberately conflating paedophilia with same gender sex as if to suggest reforming the buggery law will cause an influx of buggered children when we know that is NOT TRUE.

MSM/Trans homeless - From gully to graveyard

When are lives interrupted be allowed a real honest chance to move from interruption to independence and stability? I just cannot tell you friends.

An article appeared in the gleaner today that just sent me into sadness mode again with this ugly business of LGBTQI homelessness. The author of the piece needs an intervention too as he (Ryon Jones) uses terms such as cross dressers and or homeless men which if transgender persons are present they cannot be described or seen as such, sigh another clear display of the lack of impact and reach of so called advocacies and advocates who are more interested in parading as working but really aint having much impact as they ought to or claim.

We are told of houses being put together from time in memorial; the Dwayne’s House project seems dead in the water, the Larry Chang (named after a JFLAG cofounder) seems stuck in the mud and Colour Pink’s so called Rainbow House seems insignificant in relation to the size and scope of the national problem. JFLAG as presented on this blog is obviously not interested in getting their hands dirty really on homelessness save and except for using the populations as cannon fodder and delegating same; as far as I am concerned presenting them as victims of homophobia which is true but where are the programs and the perceived millions donated or granted since President Obama’s visit to address LGBTQ matters?


Dr Shelly Ann Weeks on Homophobia - What are we afraid of?

Former host of Dr Sexy Live on Nationwide radio and Sexologist tackles in a simplistic but to the point style homophobia and asks the poignant question of the age, What really are we as a nation afraid of?

It seems like homosexuality is on everyone's tongue. From articles in the newspapers to countless news stories and commentaries, it seems like everyone is talking about the gays. Since Jamaica identifies as a Christian nation, the obvious thought about homosexuality is that it is wrong but only male homosexuality seems to influence the more passionate responses. It seems we are more open to accepting lesbianism but gay men are greeted with much disapproval.

Dancehall has certainly been very clear where it stands when it comes to this issue with various songs voicing clear condemnation of this lifestyle. Currently, quite a few artistes are facing continuous protests because of their anti-gay lyrics. Even the law makers are involved in the gayness as there have been several calls for the repeal of the buggery law. Recently Parliament announced plans to review the Sexual Offences Act which, I am sure, will no doubt address homosexuality.

Jamaica has been described as a homophobic nation. The question I want to ask is: What are we afraid of? There are usually many reasons why homosexuality is such a pain in the a@. Here are some of the more popular arguments MORE HERE

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Sexuality - What is yours?

The Deliberate Misuse of the “Sexual Grooming” Term by Antigay Fanatics to Promote Their Hysteria

Just as I researched on-line in NOT EVEN five minutes and found a plethora of information and FACTS on Sexual Grooming (and thanks to Dr Karen Carpenter for some valuable insight I found out what Sexual Grooming was) so too must these fanatics go and do the same and stop creating panic in the country.

The hysteria continues from the Professor Bain so called protests to protect freedom of speech and bites at the credibility of the LGBT lobby collectively continues via Duppies Dupe UWI articles when the bigger principle of the conflict of interest in regards to the greater imperative of removing/preserving archaic buggery laws in the Caribbean dependent on which side one sits is of greater import when the professor’s court testimony in Belize went against the imperative of CHART/PANCAP goals is the more germane matter of which he was former head now temporarily reinstated via a court ex-parte injunction. The unnecessary uproar and shouting from the same hysterical uninformed quarters claiming moral concerns ....... MORE CLICK HERE

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JFLAG Excludes Homeless MSM from IDAHOT Symposium on Homelessness


In a shocking move JFLAG decided not to invite or include homeless MSM in their IDAHO activity for 2013 thus leaving many in wonderment as to the reason for their existence or if the symposium was for "experts" only while offering mere tokenism to homeless persons in the reported feeding program. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO ENTRY HERE sad that the activity was also named in honour of one of JFLAG's founders who joined the event via Skype only to realize the issue he held so dear in his time was treated with such disrespect and dishonor. Have LGBT NGOs lost their way and are so mainstream they have forgotten their true calling?

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Steps to take when confronted by the police & your rights compromised:

a) Ask to see a lawyer or Duty Council

b) Only give name and address and no other information until a lawyer is present to assist

c) Try to be polite even if the scenario is tense

d) Don’t do anything to aggravate the situation

e) Every complaint lodged at a police station should be filed and a receipt produced, this is not a legal requirement but an administrative one for the police to track reports

f) Never sign to a statement other than the one produced by you in the presence of the officer(s)

g) Try to capture a recording of the exchange or incident or call someone so they can hear what occurs, place on speed dial important numbers or text someone as soon as possible

h) File a civil suit if you feel your rights have been violated

i) When making a statement to the police have all or most of the facts and details together for e.g. "a car" vs. "the car" represents two different descriptions

j) Avoid having the police writing the statement on your behalf except incases of injuries, make sure what you want to say is recorded carefully, ask for a copy if it means that you have to return for it

Vacant at Last! ShoemakerGully: Displaced MSM/Trans Persons were is cleared December 2014

CVM TV carried a raid and subsequent temporary blockade exercise of the Shoemaker Gully in the New Kingston district as the authorities respond to the bad eggs in the group of homeless/displaced or idling MSM/Trans persons who loiter there for years.

Question is what will happen to the population now as they struggle for a roof over their heads and food etc. The Superintendent who proposed a shelter idea (that seemingly has been ignored by JFLAG et al) was the one who led the raid/eviction.

Also see:

the CVM NEWS Story HERE on the eviction/raid taken by the police

also see a flashback to some of the troubling issues with the populations and the descending relationships between JASL, JFLAG and the displaced/homeless GBT youth in New Kingston: Rowdy Gays Strike - J-FLAG Abandons Raucous Homosexuals Misbehaving In New Kingston

also see all the posts in chronological order by date from Gay Jamaica Watch HERE and GLBTQ Jamaica HERE


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May 22, 2015, see: MP Seeks Solutions For Homeless Gay Youth In New Kingston

New Kingston Cop Proposes Shelter for Shoemaker Gully LGBT Homeless Population

Superintendent Murdock

The same cop who has factored in so many run-ins with the youngsters in the Shoemaker Gully (often described as a sewer by some activists) has delivered on a promise of his powerpoint presentation on a solution to the issue in New Kingston, problem is it is the same folks who abandoned the men (their predecessors) from the powerful cogs of LGBT/HIV that are in earshot of his plan.

This ugly business of LGBTQ homelessness and displacements or self imposed exile by persons has had several solutions put forth, problem is the non state actors in particular do not want to get their hands dirty as the more combative and political issues to do with buggery's decriminalization or repeal have risen to the level of importance more so than this. Let us also remember this is like the umpteenth meeting with the cops, some of the LGBT homeless persons and the advocacy structure.

Remember JFLAG's exclusion of the group from that IDAHO symposium on LGBT homelessess? See HERE, how can we ask the same people who only want to academise and editorialise the issue to also try to address their own when they do not want to get their hands dirty but publish wonderful reports as was done earlier this month, see HERE: (re)Presenting and Redressing LGBT Homelessness in Jamaica: Towards a Multifaceted Approach to Addressing Anti-Gay Related Displacement also LGBT homelessness has always been with us from the records of Gay Freedom Movement(1974) to present but the current issues started from 2009, see: The Quietus ……… The Safe House Project Closes and The Ultimatum on December 30, 2009 as carried on sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch. CLICK HERE for FULL post of this story.

Gender Identity/Transgederism Radio discussion Jamaica March 2014

Radio program Everywoman on Nationwide Radio 90FM March 20th 2014 with Dr Karen Carpenter as stand-in host with a transgender activist and co-founder of Aphrodite's P.R.I.D.E Jamaica and a gender non conforming/lesbian guest as well on the matters of identity, sex reassignment surgery and transexuality.

CLICK HERE for a recording of the show


As promised here is another periodical update on an income generating/diligence building project now in effect for some now seven former homeless and displaced MSM in St Catherine, it originally had twelve persons but some have gotten jobs elsewhere, others have simply walked away and one has relocated to another parish, to date their weed whacking earning business capacity has been struggling as previous posts on the subject has brought to bear.

Although some LGBT persons residing in the parish have been approached by yours truly and others to increase client count for the men costs such as gas and maintenance of the four machines that are rotated between the enrolled men are rising weekly literally while the demand is instead decreasing due to various reasons.

Newstalk 93FM's Issues On Fire: Polygamy Should Be Legalized In Jamaica 08.04.14

debate by hosts and UWI students on the weekly program Issues on Fire on legalizing polygamy with Jamaica's multiple partner cultural norms this debate is timely.

Also with recent public discourse on polyamorous relationships, threesomes (FAME FM Uncensored) and on social.

What to Do .....

a. Make a phone call: to a lawyer or relative or anyone

b. Ask to see a lawyer immediately: if you don’t have the money ask for a Duty Council

c. A Duty Council is a lawyer provided by the state

d. Talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police

e. Tell your lawyer if anyone hits you and identify who did so by name and number

f. Give no explanations excuses or stories: you can make your defense later in court based on what you and your lawyer decided

g. Ask the sub officer in charge of the station to grant bail once you are charged with an offence

h. Ask to be taken before a justice of The Peace immediately if the sub officer refuses you bail

i. Demand to be brought before a Resident Magistrate and have your lawyer ask the judge for bail

j. Ask that any property taken from you be listed and sealed in your presence

Cases of Assault:An assault is an apprehension that someone is about to hit you

The following may apply:

1) Call 119 or go to the station or the police arrives depending on the severity of the injuries

2) The report must be about the incident as it happened, once the report is admitted as evidence it becomes the basis for the trial

3) Critical evidence must be gathered as to the injuries received which may include a Doctor’s report of the injuries.

4) The description must be clearly stated; describing injuries directly and identifying them clearly, show the doctor the injuries clearly upon the visit it must be able to stand up under cross examination in court.

5) Misguided evidence threatens the credibility of the witness during a trial; avoid the questioning of the witnesses credibility, the tribunal of fact must be able to rely on the witness’s word in presenting evidence

6) The court is guided by credible evidence on which it will make it’s finding of facts

7) Bolster the credibility of a case by a report from an independent disinterested party.

Notes on Bail & Court Appearance issues

If in doubt speak to your attorney

Bail and its importance -

If one is locked up then the following may apply:
Locked up over a weekend - Arrested pursuant to being charged or detained There must be reasonable suspicion i.e. about to commit a crime, committing a crime or have committed a crime.

There are two standards that must be met:

1). Subjective standard: what the officer(s) believed to have happened

2). Objective standard: proper and diligent collection of evidence that implicates the accused To remove or restrain a citizen’s liberty it cannot be done on mere suspicion and must have the above two standards

 Police officers can offer bail with exceptions for murder, treason and alleged gun offences, under the Justice of the Peace Act a JP can also come to the police station and bail a person, this provision as incorporated into the bail act in the late nineties

 Once a citizen is arrested bail must be considered within twelve hours of entering the station – the agents of the state must give consideration as to whether or not the circumstances of the case requires that bail be given

 The accused can ask that a Justice of the Peace be brought to the station any time of the day. By virtue of taking the office excluding health and age they are obliged to assist in securing bail

"Bail is not a matter for daylight

Locked up and appearing in court

 Bail is offered at the courts office provided it was extended by the court; it is the court that has the jurisdiction over the police with persons in custody is concerned.

 Bail can still be offered if you were arrested and charged without being taken to court a JP can still intervene and assist with the bail process.

Other Points of Interest

 The accused has a right to know of the exact allegation

 The detainee could protect himself, he must be careful not to be exposed to any potential witness

 Avoid being viewed as police may deliberately expose detainees

 Bail is not offered to persons allegedly with gun charges

 Persons who allegedly interfere with minors do not get bail

 If over a long period without charge a writ of habeas corpus however be careful of the police doing last minute charges so as to avoid an error

 Every instance that a matter is brought before the court and bail was refused before the accused can apply for bail as it is set out in the bail act as every court appearance is a chance to ask for bail

 Each case is determined by its own merit – questions to be considered for bail:

a) Is the accused a flight risk?

b) Are there any other charges that the police may place against the accused?

c) Is the accused likely to interfere with any witnesses?

d) What is the strength of the crown’s/prosecution’s case?

 Poor performing judges can be dealt with at the Judicial Review Court level or a letter to the Chief Justice can start the process

Human Rights Advocacy for GLBT Community Report 2009

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Battle Lines Javed Jaghai versus the state & the Jamaica Buggery Law

Originally aired on CVM TV December 8th 2013, apologies for some of the glitches as the source feed was not so hot and it kept dropping from source or via the ISP, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED and is solely for educational and not for profit use and review. The issue of the pending legal challenge in the Constitutional Court in Jamaica as filed by Javed Jaghai an outspoken activist who happens also to be openly aetheist.

The opposing sides are covered as well such as
The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society
The Love March
Movement Jamaica

The feature seems destined for persons who are just catching up to the issues and repositioning JFLAG in particular in the public domain as their image has taken a beating in some respects especially on the matter of the homeless MSM front. They need to be careful that an elitist perception is not held after this after some comments above simplistic discourse, the use of public agitation as beneath some folks and the obvious overlooking of the ordinary citizen who are realy the ones who need convincing to effect the mindset change needed and the national psyche's responses to homosexuality in general.

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