The Safe House Project 2009 for Displaced & Homeless MSM/Transgender reviewed & more

In response to numerous requests for more information on the defunct Safe House Pilot Project that was to address the growing numbers of displaced and homeless LGBTQ Youth in New Kingston in 2007/8/9, a review of the relevance of the project as a solution, the possible avoidance of present issues with some of its previous residents if it were kept open.
Recorded June 12, 2013; also see from the former Executive Director named in the podcast more background on the project: HERE also see the beginning of the issues from the closure of the project: The Quietus ……… The Safe House Project Closes and The Ultimatum on December 30, 2009

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Funds Dry Up For Local Human-Rights Lobbies

Says the headline in today's Gleaner, some of us like smaller lesser known entities like GLBTQ Jamaica or Aphrodite's P.R.I.D.E Jamaica rely on individual donations from readers or funding from the FCO as was the case with the APJ Enterprise Training Project activities. There maybe some local donations by kind individuals via cheque or even cash as well especially for special requests for crisis interventions but those are drying up as hard times or belt tightening becomes more the norm.

I am wondering what is the purpose of this article though as there have been some push-back on human rights groups especially since the JFJ sex ed fiasco of so called foreign imposition of values via money and funding by some of the same persons ironically named in the piece below such as Betty Ann Blaine and even the acting public defender hinted to it HERE. Then there is the mischief making by first time MP Damion Crawford (same one who belittled Portia's Buggery Review/Conscience Vote suggestion) and his take on rights organizations and agendas.

Now to the story:

The reluctance of one local human-rights lobby to push the agenda of overseas backers has resulted in the curtailing of its operations, and the futures of similar organisations are in jeopardy as the ability to secure international funding to fight for citizens' rights has become increasingly difficult.

Yvonne McCalla-Sobers, who chairs advocacy group Families Against State Terrorism (FAST), told The Sunday Gleaner that the non-government organisation (NGO) has been unable to fulfil its mandate in recent times because of a lack of funding.

The group was started in 2001 following the alleged extrajudicial killing of two citizens by police in separate incidents.

"It was supposed to seek justice for family members who have been killed by the police or suffered in some way from the State," McCalla-Sobers said.

But McCalla-Sobers noted that apart from the fact that the families they represent had started to become weary of delayed justice for their relatives, "there is also the issue that where you get your funding sometimes can dictate what you do or don't do".

She noted that, at times, advocacy groups such as FAST were being asked to make compromises in order to secure funding.

She said that in the beginning, her group was primarily getting funding from Jamaicans within the diaspora but, following the recession, it was necessary to seek funding from international agencies primarily based in the United Kingdom (UK).

"The compromise would have been in, let us say, other persons far away deciding on the action that should be taken here," said McCalla-Sobers, who did not want to elaborate on the types of compromises her group was being required to make.

"The requests were nothing that would have been unethical, but it's just not in the direction that we saw the need here," she quickly pointed out.

Last week, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness called for the establishment of a commission of human rights to assist in safeguarding the rights of citizens.

His call came following the killing of construction worker Mario Deane, who died on Independence Day as a result of injuries sustained while at the Barnett Street Police Station in St James.


However, legal luminary and former chairman of the Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights (IJCHR), Dr Lloyd Barnett, believes the focus ought to be on strengthening existing human-rights institutions rather than creating a new one.

"I would like to see what it is that he is proposing because we sometimes react to problems by creating new posts rather than strengthening existing posts, and you get a multiplicity of positions, each underfunded and inadequate for the task," he said.

Much like FAST, he said the IJCHR is currently challenged to carry out projects because of a lack of funding. He said the council's last major project for which it received funding dates back to two years ago.

Most of the IJCHR's focus now, he said, is on education rather than advocacy, which can be very expensive.

"In order to conduct a human-rights advocacy or human-rights programme, money is needed, both for staff and material. You have to provide staff to interview people to receive their complaints … . That requires money. You have to pay rent, pay telephone bills, pay for all the normal things that you require to run an office and to provide a service. In addition to that, you would have to carry out investigations or to employ persons to advise on technical matters," he said.

Barnett said that although in the past the group got funding from a number of agencies, including USAID and the Commonwealth Secretariat, today, "a lot of the funding is based upon specific programmes".

Last year, parliamentarian Raymond Pryce suggested that it be made mandatory for interest groups to disclose their sources of funding and publish their financials.

He told The Sunday Gleaner that while these organisations help to keep democracy robust, "many times, they can receive funds in a subversive way that has hidden agendas, and many times those sources of funds come from agencies that are inimical to the way of life of the wider society".

Checks made by The Sunday Gleaner with at least 10 of the country's more prominent interest groups showed that while several were 100 per cent locally funded, there were many others that received the majority of or all their funding from overseas.


"We have to apply for grants much like any other NGOs and they are largely out of the United States and we have one donor in the UK," said Dane Lewis, executive director of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG).

The group's donors are listed on its website and include organisations such as Freedom House, Frontline Defenders, the Mac AIDS Fund, and Open Society Foundation.

Funding for the organisation primarily comes from overseas, and much of it is used for public education, Lewis said.

Lobbies such as Citizens Action for Principles and Integrity (CAPI), the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and National Integrity Action (NIA) are among those that receive both local and international funding.

Co-convenor for CAPI, Dennis Meadows, said while the group's four executive members are the ones primarily financing its advocacy work, persons locally and overseas have been making donations through the group's website.

He said his organisation was a virtual one and membership at last check stood at around 4,500 persons, with donations from the diaspora amounting to no more than US$1,000 per year.

"From a NGO standpoint, you have to build a foundation before you can seek to approach international agencies," he said when quizzed about his funding sources.

Diana McCaulay, JET's chief executive officer, said her organisation receives grant funding from overseas, but the work it does is also possible due to the help of local sponsors and membership fees.

The 24-year-old organisation currently has about 400-500 individuals on its mailing list and, of this number, about 200 persons pay fees annually.


"There have been years where we have had larger foreign amounts, and then that year, it would look like the foreign donation was greater, but if you look the whole of JET's life, I would say local funding is, by far, the majority," she said.

Professor Trevor Munroe, executive director of the NIA, said his group was primarily funded by USAID and the Department for International Development, but gets technical support from the Jamaica Civil Society Coalition and Flow.

Flow has, for example, given NIA free cable advertisement space valued at more than $2 million per month.

"They provide funds, but we are the persons who decide how those funds are utilised. They don't tell us," said Munroe in regard to NIA's international partners.

The groups that rely primarily on local funders include Hear the Children's Cry, the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and the recently convened Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE).

Co-founder of Hear the Children's Cry, Betty Ann Blaine, said the group was heavily reliant on charitable donations and grant funding from the private sector to carry out its work.

"We operate on a very small budget. Our budget is not more than $2 million per year," she asserted. "We have no overseas funding. All of our funding, right now, is from within Jamaica."

She lamented the fact that several NGOs have been forced to close their doors in recent times because of the inability to secure funding.


Why did the author not get more information from JCHS, LCF or Jamaica CAUSE on their budgets or funding sources? I find it a bit strange as they have or seem to have millions at their disposal with all the full paged ads they have managed to put out in the same paper that can sometimes run into millions of dollars literally dependent on the day in question they are published. The paraphernalia as well in their Bain protests does not come cheap either and therefore must be coming from another source of funding, I say foreign ones that were not disclosed. I has well been established that homophobic or anti gay groups outside the US and as far as Africa such as Uganda have all benefited from funding from US based religious linked groups and personalities who cannot do their hate in the US so they export it.

Yet we are to believe that these groups are so lowly they only receive local funding!?

Did the author or editor of the Gleaner did not want to ruffle the feathers of their largest customer with their full paged ads so no pressure or questions were brought to bear as to the real state of affairs of their funding? given that one of the criticisms towards gay activism is so called imposed values and beliefs funded by foreigners yet we see the very same strategy in their camp and when such overseas funding for LGBT groups do not come easy as one has to prove and write proposals etc. if it were so easy as I wish it was groups like mine and others would have been fat with cash and able to do far more work than how snails pace we are.

Anyway I still want to encourage you my readers to continue your support as it is crucial for smaller frontline groups and individuals like me. Donations are accepted via Paypal securely where the donations buttons are located or

Tel: 1-876-813-4942 if any difficulties or email:

Thank You

Peace and tolerance 


Friday, August 15, 2014

National Children’s Summit for Jamaica Conference Centre for August Excludes Sexuality Issues

The following press release came to had via email from a reader originally from the Child Development Agency, CDA and it struck me that the core issues of sexuality, early initiation and sex that have bee raised via various incidents (JFJ sex manual matter included) and by numerous public commentators and private citizens yet this upcoming conference seems to nicely ignore those realities. In light of the recent announcement Youth Ministry to develop programmes to address LGBT youth, homeless, destitute and vulnerable children a conference of this type would at least begin to look at some of these issues affecting teens even as none state actors also shrug their ow responsibilities in a sense while passing them off to government.

Just saying ..........

The release said:
Nearly 600 children from across Jamaica will converge on the Jamaica Conference Centre on August 21, 2014, for the Child Development Agency’s first National Children’s Summit.

Being spearheaded by CDA’s Children Advisory Panel (CAP), under the theme, “Creating Opportunities for Jamaica’s Vulnerable Children- Opening Doors to Securing a Brighter Future,” the Summit is part of the CDA’s 10th anniversary celebrations being observed from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015.

CAP is a 15-member grouping pulled from different sectors of the society which was established in 2012 to provide child-friendly advice to CDA’s Executive Management Team and the CDA Advisory Board..

In addition to CAP members, those to attend the Summit include children nominated from youth organizations, church groups; children who are in the care of the State and representatives of the Office of the Children’s Registry Child Ambassador corps, the Office of the Children’s Advocate Children’s Advisory Group and the National Centre for Youth Development, among others.

CDA’s CAP Chairperson Charles Young explained that the team had identified the need for the Summit as part of its general itinerary of activities and is primarily an extension of its mandate to seek and represent the views of children, especially those who are in the care of the State on matters affecting them.

“The objective of the Summit is to create an environment in which children ages 9 to 17 can interact and share experiences and views on critical issues affecting them in Jamaica, and to make recommendations on how these issues can be addressed,” Mr. Young said, pointing to a number of issues which have been impacting children and young persons, including child abuse, neglect, general violence permeating the society, bulling, and general lack of respect for others and their properties, and other socioeconomic factors impacting almost every individual.

“Our goal is to give these children a voice. During the Summit, we will encourage them to have open and honest discussions on the matters affecting them, and to come up with solutions that we can share with the leadership of the CDA,” Mr. Young said.

Giving details on the features of the Summit, Kinshashia Johnson, PR Officer for the CDA CAP said that the event will feature an official opening ceremony, with speeches by the Minister of Youth and Culture, the Hon. Lisa Hanna, and CEO of the CDA Rosalee Gage-Grey and child representatives; topical workshop discussions, and interactive sessions on technology, art and craft, and career development.

Workshop sessions will include discussions on Managing Conflict; Knowing Your Rights as well as Your Responsibilities; Helping Children Transition from the Primary to Secondary Education System; Success for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond; Developing Entrepreneurial Skills and Abilities and Technology for Kids and Teens.

Ms. Johnson further disclosed that interactive features of the Summit will be an art and craft room called Art Expression Centre which will allow children to creatively express themselves by participating in painting of a mural; a Spa Oasis facilitated by HEART/NTA to provide beauty treatment services and demonstrations to the children, while appealing to their professional development; a play therapy area; a Robotics Display that will allow children to participate in assembling Lego robots; computer games, as well as a feature titled ‘Exploring the Musical You’.

She pointed out that adults who will be in attendance as chaperones or as specially invited guests will not be neglected as sessions are also planned for them Parents and caregivers who will participate in a workshop session called Good Parenting versus Bad Parenting, Success for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond and Knowing Your Rights as well as Your Responsibilities, the latter of which will be delivered with a special focus on child participatory rights.

In preparation for the Children’s Summit, the Children’s Advisory Panel members are currently carrying out a number of pre-summit meetings with children in different parishes across the island. Miss Johnson indicated that this was necessary because “the issues to be explored and discussed are so many and we had to find creative and cost effective ways to cover a number of areas, which could ordinarily not be possible in a one day event.

The Summit is seeking to achieve a number of specific outcomes including, developing a document outlining recommendations for improvements in service to children in Jamaica; giving children a greater understanding of initiatives being carried out by both State and Non-State actors; creating an avenue through which children can share their experiences.

The children will also be reviewing and providing a report on issues of importance affecting them and assessing the Children’s Declaration which was developed during the 2012 UN Regional Meeting on Violence against Children, to determine if the recommendations have been achieved, and if not, what they believe would be necessary to move the process along.

CDA CEO Rosalee Gage-Grey congratulated CDA CAP on the staging of the first National Children’s Summit, noting that the Agency is keen to hear the views of the children and to work closely with them in finding workable solutions to some of the issues they face.

“Since CAP was established two years ago to provide policy advice to the CDA Executive Management Team and the CDA Advisory Board, the group has been consistent in undertaking initiatives that have helped us in advancing the matter of child protection in Jamaica,” Mrs. Gage-Grey said.


Typical sanitized approaches to looking at issues yet sexuality is ignored for the most part and as the investigations or witch hunt for the so called culprits responsible for the sex educational manual from Jamaicans for Justice continue I think as that has gone suddenly so quiet despite an interim report from the child development agency and an interim board of JFJ becoming active and vocal as of late.

I would have thought 16 year olds to 17 or 18 who are at the legal age of majority would have not been included in this as "children" as they are teenagers with much more issues to contend with; seeing that the age of consent is 16, yet the age of majority is 18 when it comes to getting married but to adopt a child one has to be 25 years of age and older under our laws. These weird gaps in age and legal definitions of a child versus how we treat with teens issues is of great concern.

The abuse of tees the nightly lists of missing kids seems not important for this conference and as for sexual orientation embedded in sexuality where that is nowhere to be seen. The topic on children knowing their rights one wonders if that is to supposedly bump he JFJ version of it and present a more comfortable version excluding same gender sex issues and avoidance of abuse by other tees as well as adults; owing to the fact that only church groups seemed to be the ones invited.

Let us see how this one goes.

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also see Dr Heather Little-White's take recently prior to her passing: Sexuality Education ... To Teach Or Not To Teach? 


Peace and tolerance


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sizzla Delivers More Anti Gay Lyrics at Pulse's MVP Event

I wonder what Pulse's head Kingsley Cooper has to say about this latest choice of entertainment linked to his brand?

Whenever Sizzla touches the stage, expect him to stir up trouble with his words. On Friday night last, it was no different. Strangely this happened at Pulse modelling agency's headquarters on Trafalgar Road which in all truthfulness has honed several gay and bisexual models careers(though they're not out) and is the industry is known for doing such as it attracts a large LGBT following and budding models who want to be on the biggest campaigns out there? I have no doubt members of the LGBTQ populations were there in attendance as their events do attract a hip uptown crowd and it can be argued that some wanna be downtowners like these uptown dancehall events to pretend to be rudebois and dancehall girls.

a shot from the show on Friday Night at Pulse

Pulse event flyer

Some homeless and displaced MSM/Trans at a recent food delivery by Yvonne McCallah Sobers this is just five minutes walk away from Pulse's venue/offices

Let us also bear in mind that the homeless MSM/Trans persons just reside a few yards up the road from the venue and who have been highly visible in recent times in local and international media with refixed videos and songs of them as well, see: Vybz Kartel Fans Upset at Use of Artist's Song in Homeless Gays Documentarysome have argued that the attention and visibility is not translated to monetary gain for them as they are still in the gully desperate and needy while everyone talks about them and show public sympathy. Brian Williamson's former office (co-founder of JFLAG) and JFLAG's too sits just up the road as well on Haughton Avenue perpendicular to Pulse's site for persons who may wish to locate the venue. One wonders if this latest one is a swipe at the displaced LGBTQ populations/communities?

Patrons who attended part 2 of the MVP series, held at Pulse headquarters, Trafalgar Road, New Kingston, St Andrew, came out to see one person, dancehall artiste Sizzla, so their patience was wearing thin when, at minutes to three in the morning, the entertainer still had not graced the stage.

Thankfully, experienced DJ Sanjay kept the party going, mixing on the turntables. He managed to keep the audience entertained with a slew of hits from all genres, including hip hop and R& B.

The moment everyone was waiting arrived as Sizzla took to the stage shortly after 3 a.m. Making his agenda known from the start, the deejay proceeded to lash out against homosexuality, much to the audience's delight.

His anti-gay lyrics were met with heavy forwards and a barrage of blanks as the audience agreed with his every word. He hinted to the recent JFJ contoversy and the children's homes also linking homosexuality to paedophilia, a conflation that has been deliberately used to justify anti gay sentiments.

Still, there were patrons who wanted to see the artiste perform their favourite songs, but were forced to wait until the entertainer was through with his lyrical onslaught as he took a good time on stage doing so. He did perform a few of his hits and the audience loved every minute of it. Unfortunately we see that some acts still are holding on to using antigay songs and murder music to remain relevant as they cannot produce more or better quality lyrics which strangely he also has in his repertoire. Sizzla somehow refused to use them moreso than to resort to "burning out" homosexuality as it were.

They were also given a little extra when Sizzla invited Munga Honourable and Blak Ryno, aka Ryno the Stinger, to the stage. Both entertainers gave a brief performance as the night drew to a close. When the Star team left the venue, minutes to 4, the party was still in full swing.

It is not the first time he has used a Pulse promoted event to do so he also did it in 2013 at Superjam as well with one-liners and having the band cue up particular tracks that are well known by the audience, he does not say a word and allows the band to continue playing the track as the excited audience sing along. This is an old trick used when the Stop Murder Music Campaign was less aggressive in its tactic as a way for singers who infringe to say they did not and claim mutedness as it was the audience who went along and not the actual artists.

He has also gotten away with lyrical murder in parts of Africa where he is extremely popular and performs unimpeded his murder materials to much support but his integrity has to be questioned, how on one hand he can sing antigay songs some calling for the execution of homosexuals while on the other hand promote unity, love under a Rastafarian construct, that just sound contradictory to me.

Peace and tolerance indeed is needed at this time of the struggle on all fronts.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Parliament seeks submissions for sexual offences bills


Mark GOLDING (Justice Minister left) ... many issues could dominate deliberations. SIMPSON MILLER ... under fire regarding election Buggery Law review suggestion.

GORDON House has begun advertising for submissions to two new joint select committees appointed to deliberate on the recently announced Road Traffic Bill and the sexual offences legislations.

The joint select committee on the sexual offences legislations will be reviewing four bills -- the Child Care and Protection Act, the Domestic Violence Act, the Offences Against the Person Act and the Sexual Offences Act, which is having its first five-year review having been promulgated in 2009.

Among other issues the committee will look at are offences and punishment under these Acts, placing special emphasis on the protection of the most vulnerable (women, children, the elderly and persons living with disabilities) from violence and abuse.

Chairman of this committee and Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding, has acknowledged that with the review open to public submissions, it is not unlikely that issues such as the repeal of the buggery law, as well as the treatment of what he called "sexual minorities" including lesbian, gay, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBTs), could dominate the deliberations.

However, he said that other issues, such as the common approach to sexual deviance in the region and its effect on public health programmes, including HIV/AIDS, will also be highlighted during the review.

Golding has confirmed dialogue with representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to assist with the case for the reform of provisions for intimacy in private among consenting consulting adults, with particular focus on public health disadvantages and the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The LGBT community has often criticised Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for failing to deliver on her 2011 election platform pledge to review the country's buggery law. Golding has said that he would not be surprised if the contending parties used the opportunity provided by the review to make their cases for and against repealing the legislation, but made it clear that this should not be seen as the aim of the exercise.

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness has suggested a referendum to decide the issue, contending that a conscience vote in Parliament would not be effective.

The long-awaited Road Traffic Bill has been drafted to modernise and update current legislation by making the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) the licensing authority and delegating its functions; broadening the role of the Road Traffic Appeal Tribunal; providing for the reclassification of all forms of vehicles; introducing new classes of driver's licences and attaching conditions to the granting of these licences; and dealing with the transportation of dangerous and hazardous substances.

However, the major issue has been the significant increases in the fines for breaches of the proposed new provisions, which has raised concern among the public.

The actual ad on the Parliamentary website read as follows:

A Joint Select Committee of Parliament has been appointed to review the “Sexual Offences Act”.

This Joint Select Committee will also review the “Child Care and Protection Act”, the “Domestic Violence Act”, the “Offences against the Person Act” and the offences and punishment under these Acts placing special emphasis on the protection of the vulnerable (women, children, the elderly and persons living with disabilities) from violence and abuse.

Accordingly, the Joint Select Committee is inviting written submissions from the public to aid the Committee’s deliberations.

Please send your written submissions by FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014 to:

Clerk to the Houses
Houses of Parliament
Gordon House
81 Duke Street

Persons making written submissions may be required to appear before the Committee at short notice to explain their submissions.

Please click here to download copies of the Bill.

I still say the harking for a conscience vote is not the way to go as a full debate with proper submission seems more sensible to me with private deliberations which have been ungoing for years with parliamentarians although they pander to the majority none the less. Conscience votes can made to only serve to sure up political support and power and given the recent flexing of the religious antigay groups I am sure the PNP is nervously in a sense knowing they have support of churches but more so the established older ones, the more evangelical ones though seem to be breaking away to the JLP hence the threat recently by them to vote out any party that touches the buggery law, while the JLP fully supports a referendum on the issue.

General elections are due in 2016 and with the IMF austerity measures upon us voter apathy seems high still even after all these years, the PNP we must recognize is a minority government as only just about 50% or eligible voters came out and the buggery review suggestion was no mere risk that she took after the team measured the ground and saw that only die hards were in support, so something had to give to sway other voters and non committed to dip their finger in the ink and it is not lost to them that they have a far larger LGBT support that the JLP.

I hope JFLAG will be sensible this time around and submit a confident submission with decriminalization as its core and not allow infighting as in 1999 to derail the thrust.

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The original JFLAG Parliamentary submission HERE

With the interference of anti gay voices such as Shirley Richards and Rev Al Miller(presently on trial for perverting the course of justice) this was what the 1999 report read like in part and the joint select committee requested:

The Committee urges J. Flag to carry out further research as to
(i) the Constitutions which guarantee protection against discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation;
(ii) the laws which would be inconsistent with such a constitutional provision;
(iii) scientific data as to the causes of homosexuality;
and (iv) whether there has been an increase in homosexuality following on such a liberalization of the law in other countries.

The Committee is not at present disposed, however, to include in the Charter of Rights a guarantee of protection from discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation, because of the implications which this would have, in particular, its implications in relation to the institution of marriage and questions of parenting. It would, however, bring to the attention of the Government, as a matter for consideration, the issue of the repeal of the provisions of the Offences Against the Person Act in so far as it relates to the offence of buggery between consenting adults in private.


So I hope this time around this new joint select committee will not dance around the issue as they did in 1999, then again in 2006 and again in 2010. See more HERE

J-FLAG now advocating for decriminalisation of same-sex acts

Opposition Leader sides with antigay groups on Referendum on The Buggery Law

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Keep Laws out of gays bedrooms (FLASHBACK) featuring Oswald Harding a more sensible politician who has since resigned from the senate


and an associated podcast:
Beyond the Headlines host Dionne Jackson Miller had Arlene Harrison Henry on human rights day 2012 on the the removal of language in the form of sexual orientation on the Summary Executions UN Resolution - On November 21, 2012, Jamaica voted against resolution A/C.3/67/L.36 at the United Nations condemning extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions which urges States “to investigate promptly and thoroughly all killings, including… all killings committed for any discriminatory reason, including sexual orientation.

Coincidentally the upcoming challenge in the Supreme Court by Javed Jaghai et al is on November 21 this year as well.

The question arising out of the case publicly is will he have standing when the matter is opened in the constitutional court?

also see:

1. Affidavit of J-FLAG to be filed and served by 29 Nov 2013

2. Expert report of Professor Chis Breyer to be filed Dec 9, 2013 which speaks to the impact of the anti-sodomy law on the HIV epidemic among MSM in Jamaica.

3. Affidavit of Defendant (AG) to filed 31 Jan 2014

4. Affidavit of Interested Parties to be filed and served by 28 Feb 2014

5. Both Claimants to file and serve their affidavits in response by 4th April 2014

6. Statements of Facts & Issues as well as Listing Questionnaires to be filed by each party and served by April 30, 2014

7. Pre Trial Review to be held on 14th May 2014 for 3 hours

8. Any further application intending to be heard along with written submissions should be filed and served on or before 24 April 2014

9. Trial fixed for November 10 -21st 2014

10. Claimants Attorneys to file and serve order

The AG is preparing the order for the strike out.

The judged refused the strike out application in whole but said that unless the claimant can provide notification of attendance at trial by DEC.9 the paragraphs in his affidavit (para. 18) with mention of reports would be struck out.

The claimant has to provide a notice of attendance for the following persons who prepared reports on the situation for Jamaican LGBT individuals:

1. Human Rights Watch
2. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
4. SHADOW REPORT for the UN Universal Periodic Review


Interim JFJ Board Has Full Authority says Barry Wade

In this April 7, 2014 photograph, Kay Osborne, executive director of JFJ, shares pleasantries with JFJ directors Alexis Goffe (right) and David Silvera. Three months later, the organisation imploded, as a criticism over a sex-ed programme triggered a spate of resignations. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
In this April 7, 2014 photograph, Kay Osborne, executive director of JFJ, shares pleasantries with JFJ directors Alexis Goffe (right) and David Silvera. Three months later, the organisation imploded, as a criticism over a sex-ed programme triggered a spate of resignations. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Barry Wade, Guest Columnist

In an editorial titled 'Tell us more, Dr Wade' on August 1, 2014, The Gleaner asked me, as the newly appointed chairperson of the interim board of directors of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), to explain "the process by which [I] and the rest of the board were chosen, including whether those members of the board who were in place up to Wednesday resigned en bloc, paving the way for new elections".

It also stated: "It would be useful, in the circumstance, to explain if, and how, the JFJ's constitution addresses this, especially in the context of his announcement of a planned vote for a new board in three months' time after 'a nomination process and election of the paying members' of the organisation."

The following sets out the process by which the current directors of the board came to their positions and the relevant clauses in JFJ's Articles of Association governing this process.

JFJ was incorporated under the Companies Act on 15 October 1999. The Companies Act and, more specifically, its Articles of Association are the relevant governance instruments. The relevant Articles of Association are Clauses 31, 45, 48 and 49.

Clause 31 provides that the minimum number of directors shall be seven, unless otherwise determined by a general meeting of the company.

Clause 45 provides that the directors may appoint any person to be a director, either to fill a casual vacancy or as an additional director. A director appointed under this provision holds office until the next annual general meeting and he or she shall be eligible for re-election.

The quorum for directors meetings is fixed by the directors but shall, if not fixed by the directors, be three. (Clause 48).

During the course of the weeks and days leading up to the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) held on July 29, which had been called by the board at the request of members, the number of directors fell below the minimum number of three. The resignations did not take place en bloc, but rather at different points in time, all prior to the date of the EGM. Clause 49 of the Articles was invoked.

Clause 49 provides:

"The continuing directors may act notwithstanding any vacancy in their body, but, if and so long as their number is reduced below the number fixed by or pursuant to the articles of the company the necessary quorum of directors, the continuing directors or director may act for the purpose of increasing the number of directors to that number, or of summoning a general meeting of the company but for no other purpose."

In circumstances where the members of the organisation were determined to repair the damage done by recent internal and external developments and adverse publicity, and following lengthy discussions of these developments, the two remaining board members asked the members assembled at the EGM to indicate whom of their number were prepared to serve on an interim board.

The purpose was to ensure a democratic input into the decisions that only the remaining two board members could exercise under Clause 49 of JFJ's Articles of Association. The members present at the EGM indicated their preferences. The EGM was suspended and the board deliberated and made the appointments recommended by the members present at the EGM. The eight additional directors appointed brought the number of directors up to 10, above the minimum seven required for the full functioning of the board.

The board is an interim one because the provisions of Clause 45 limit the tenure of all of the members appointed by the remaining two directors till the next annual general meeting of JFJ.

The board will consider the steps to be taken over the next three months to (a) review the recent developments, (b) steady the organisation, and (c) arrange for the holding of an annual general meeting in view of the provisions of Clause 45 of the Articles of Association.

The current board is properly constituted under JFJ's Articles of Association, with the full authority to conduct the business of the organisation until the next annual general meeting, which in the normal course of events would be held in March or April next year.

However, it was the view of the membership at the EGM and the decision of the current board that it would be prudent to hold an AGM at the earliest possible date to allow for the election of a new board of directors.

Barry A. Wade, PhD, is chairperson of JFJ. Email feedback to and

You may also want to check out the bizarre hit that the public defender took at the entity in a recent speech HERE and other articles on the JFJ war of words 

JFJ Critics have Lost Their Soul Carol Narcisse of JCSC

Clearing Narcisse's Fog On JFJ Support

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Independence Skewed & Still No Justice at 52

Happy Independence Day Jamaica

Last year the series I started in around 2009 then on 20102011 and 2012 on Independence or Emancipendence as it is often referred to these days as a combination or Gaycipendence as I termed it several years ago towards an LGBT typed feel when we used to have the annual Gaycipation party to raise awareness and such for LGBT people was not published but so much has gone either unnoticed or just undone that warrants a revival of sorts.

old 2009 Clovis cartoon on the two Jamaicas syndrome that has held us back as a nation

today's cartoon

As today is independence Day I have to wonder what are we actually celebrating as the real meaning of such has gone nationally speaking the season seems more like a festivalization for respective governments over the years more so than a time for introspection as a nation as to our achievements and the freedom from the shackles of slavery physically and mentally instead it feels like we have swapped colonialism for something else as one public commentator mentioned recently, the house slave is now running the plantation with no real change in the concept of divide and rule. The actual events are a joke and have come to be used by some to promote homo-negativity more so than unity.

The festival song competition for example in both categories hosted by the JCDC try as they may but have you heard any of the songs yet or the winning entries? It seems only to attract a small percentage of Jamaicans (barring low money to buy tickets) it does not feel nationalistic in nature, back in the 80s at least when I was growing up we all at home or if we had family dinner would watch Grand Gala on the television or watch the song competition now it isn't even streamed live anymore. Yesterday thanks to Love 101FM I was subjected to the off key tune that won the gospel song component which sounded more like an auto-tune digitally created track with some late vocals added poorly mastered in a hurry come up production for to enter, as for the actual festival song that is another matter altogether. The very use of real instrumentation or lack thereof is a reflection of how down the tubes we have gone in terms of creativity. Four time festival song winner Roy Rayon sized it up best on an interview yesterday on the subject that the songs’ quality has fallen drastically and added to that are the promotional activities or lack thereof including the radio play rotation suggesting a non interest in the completion as in his day. Michael Anthony Cuff Jr. on Fame FM’s Uncensored on Monday evening also raised the concern about the season as it was the topic of discussion as to the present relevance of the holiday indeed its imperative, it seems to be more about parties especially for the younger generations than about the essence of the growth of a nation and its people joined with the struggle it took us and our forefathers to get here. 

 The actual steps where the emancipation proclamation was read to the world in Spanish Town 

I tend to agree with him in a sense the concept of emancipation as a holiday was reintroduced in the late nineties on the back drop of an opening of emancipation park in New Kingston by former PM PJ Patterson (often used by MSM especially our homeless ones) yet it bears no effigy, museum or any real reminder or teaser to emancipation itself whilst the real thing sits in in the old capital Spanish Town going to slow decay where the actual proclamation was read to the world in declaration of such but all because it’s situated in an opposition stronghold it gets very little attention and use. Not even a ceremony was held there to commemorate the occasion this year. Let us not forget the same Patterson called for more tolerance for homosexuals earlier this year yet he seemed to have forgotten that under his own leadership he facilitated the very hate he now tries to retard. See HERE for more.

And while there is a misplacement of our historical priorities our national archive centers where the recording and storing of our past get very little attention either take for example the Institute of Jamaica on East Street which sits in an old building; a fire hazard waiting to happen and I doubt the materials have been scanned digitally to preserve them, one thing we have not learned from the British and used to our advantage is their overly frequent review of their past and the careful way in which they preserve it, their old archives of bills and parliamentary acts plus an endless supply of documentaries on subjects from as early as the 1100s is one such reminder and hence they are able to grow from that. I find we do not have that reverence and respect of history even from an LGBTQ point of view; the poor handling and subsequent erasure or oversight of our own development has greatly affected present day efforts. The Gay Freedom Movement archives comes to mind and if it weren’t for my intervention or interference they would not have been returned to their owner and preserved (at least what is left of them after poor storage caused several items to be destroyed)

Moving to justice the word equality has been banded about a lot in recent times but is it really a valid concept? In a previous post in 2013 I wondered aloud about the ideology surrounding this Americanized LGBT construct then I posed some questions to that effect:

Is it coincidental or sheer consequence that the agencies are made to become homeless themselves following the failure of nerves to directly address homelessness in key representative populations? (after JFLAG's eviction notice)

Is the eviction fiasco an attempt to start afresh so as to avoid addressing some key issues, a different location and geographical change connotes isolation and insulation from the problematic homeless populations?

Do you believe equality must also be an ideal to strive for within the LGBT community?

Was Jamaicans for Justice clandestinely sending a message to groups like JFLAG that their agitation is a mere peripheral attempt to seek LGBT rights in Jamaica or the decriminalization of buggery?

Is mere equality just a hairy fairy schism ideal just to play catch up with the heterosexual privilege?

Is it that due to the inability for one to live ones truth one is forced to be pretentious hence this practice to live in stealth has becoming ingrained in the population’s psyche?

Why not go for the greater goal that of justice and true fairness?

What about the context of a marginalized group being wholesome within itself before it attempts to reach out to more privileged populations?

Do we have a hypocritical advocacy then in terms of asking for virtues that are not espoused generally by them or leading the populations to such espousing?

Why are we afraid to really be truthful in our scope and ideologies towards truth inclusiveness, equality and justice for ALL?

Should persons at leadership of the agencies by held accountable for the recent evictions and failure to properly address the welfare issues?

And if after all the proper agitation devoid of the schisms and buggery is repealed, what is next?

Where is genuine openness and truth in the scheme of things?

Are you expecting any resignations given the recent developments?

When campaign decisions are planned are the general community issues taken into account and a plan B in case of a fallout?

My mind has been changing on this call for equality in Jamaica by the LGBT lobby not even a name change to an old campaign has convinced me thus before seeing this photo and now it has sped up my resolve, the ideal is indeed JUSTICE not just to be mere observers by the fence struggling to see over it on tippy toes as captioned in the little boy or the centre figure. The left partition of the photo suggest mere playing to the needs or hue and cries of aggrieved groups more so than the right partition showing ALL on an equal footing but also espousing the correctness of it where the crates are not mere rights handed out to silence a noisy penny section but rights privileges and freedoms on a truly equal footing to all concerned.

If on the onset the least amongst us are not viewed as equal then it should not be surprising that the corresponding programs, systems, strategies, public relations campaigns and so on will reflect those ideologies which explains why the only time in essence there is serious attention placed on any individual is when their lives are at risk via near death homophobic fallout and even that is troubling as after a while when they recover there is hardly any follow up. Overall then we can deduce that the one of the self made reasons why we seem stuck with very little gains made over the three decades plus is the oversight, dithering and ignoring of some key frontline issues that affect the representative populations chief among them homeless MSM, same gender loving women and transgender persons as the buggery law gets first priority. The fact that the present advocacies are male dominated is an issue as far as SGL women issues are concerned and the leaders in the groups are often way removed from the realities while getting close to them after the fact when the aggrieved makes a report.

See the rest of that post here: Equality Does Not Mean Justice

Want more on equality or inequality for that matter? Then check out how we ourselves and by extension the nation treats with homelessness generally, especially our own who these days seem to be more material to be paraded for HIV prevention funding more so than real assistance while making some persons and agencies look like superstars, integrity anyone? Even the latter has been tossed out the window at all levels it seems yet we want to espouse on matter of principles when the very voices do not have the virtue to back it up. For the LGBT “community” to have waited until the homeless issues have festered to become the stinking sore it now is is bad enough as the matter has not been raised to the level of importance as it ought to as the more combative buggery law and prostitution for HIV money reigns supreme while the government is being sleekly handed the role to address OUR LGBT developmental work!? Was this what the founding fathers of the LGBT groups envisioned when they laid the groundwork?

How can we be asking for tolerance when said tolerance is not demonstrably clear in our own backyard? To think the very word had almost become an expletive in recent times as more Jamaicans interpret the call to mean acceptance.

The divide and rule construct has worked well and is still being used by some to deflect real thinking on real unity as our motto claims “Out of Many, One People”

More on Justice

Nationally speaking the creaking nature of our courts is another matter which was why I had started this series of posts in the first place and the classist nature of how matters are handled, one form of justice for the rich and one for the poor, it has taken nine years for the Steve Harvey matter for example to finally come to some conclusion with sentencing next month while two of the four accused were set free due to improper arrests, how do we expect to grow as a nation when we always seem to forget justice delayed is Justice denied; the Chief Justice, the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP and others have repeatedly called for more court rooms, better support facilities so as to make their jobs more effective yet there seems to be a slow crawl with intermittent stops deliberately so to simply do the right thing by respective administrations than just lip service. Other cases that have some hint of homosexuality in them have been made to become material for comedic reporting or laughing sessions, how many times have we seen the poor court reporting by media where we are told the matter had members of the public in laughter as the trial played out? Do we expect real justice with distractions such as jokes in a place where seriousness is required?

Then there is the issue of blocked justice from the anti gay voices, if I may burrow a term or two from another article on religion being divisive in Africa, exceptionalism and homosexuality Father Anthony Musaala wrote: 

"....persistence in ‘taboo’ mentalities with regard to sexual matters (often, it seems, to the point of absurdity);

incredibly misguided and frequently pharisaic religious argumentation, plus an almost obsessive ‘moral indignation ‘against any non-religious positions; 

nostalgia for an Africa that never was or cannot be remembered, plus idealistic notions of African culture;
the blissful almost invincible ignorance of both the educated and the uneducated in matters of sexuality from a scientific point of view, with resultant deep insecurity and ambivalence about sexuality and sexual identity; 

the mischievous opportunist politicians and other ‘leaders’ who exploit ignorance and disaffection to divert from unaddressed social and political challenges.

All these and others conspire to short-circuit reason or reasonableness with regard to the homosexual debate”

Just change Africa to Jamaica and we have a similar set of problems, it feels psychologically we have lost some ten or so years of the struggle with religious fanatical groups reactivating themselves in just nearly two months while the vacuum of missing integrity and very little or poor credibility on the part of LGBT advocacy as hinted above is filled with their phobia instead. We claim we are an independent nation yet Christian related groups and voices want to use an old colonial style of law making to imprison us as LGBT people and restrict rights and recognition or block supposed future ones (gay marriage) by declaring their intentions to block any cover for LGBT persons under the Charter of Rights from discrimination due to sexual orientation. Politicians in the meantime in fear of loss of power either remain quiet at the executive level while on the ground local representatives pander in a sense to the homophobic sentiments to remain popular.

We say we want to rid ourselves of old colonial linkages including the Privy Council and the queen as head of state yet some in the name of some aspirational public good want to hold on to a 1533 piece of legislation that was designed more so to snatch power from the Catholics at the time in England, the selectivity in maintaining old vestiges for convenience is disturbing to me. We always seem to have to wait until things get really bad or we are forced to act via some foreign interventions; the lotto scamming crackdown is one such case where our leaders had to be summoned to a US congressional hearing then with great haste legislation was passed, to get children out of adult correctional facilities it took some embarrassment at the overseas level via a report at the human rights commission before the relevant ministers acted, then the present International Monetary Fund austerity measures we had to implement to save ourselves from the very hole we put ourselves in the first place by living above our means to the tune of almost two trillion dollars in debt. Even the very buggery law review suggestion by the present Prime Minister, now quiet on the issue was obvious pressure in the diplomatic level and grant aid pinged to certain rights and posturing. It seems we have not yet developed a propensity to simply do the right thing on our own without fear of being viewed as weak.

A lack of proactivity with all the natural gifts we have those of talent, natural resources (though ever depleting) and human capital is the order of the day; take the present water/drought issues and year in year out we have shortages yet no proper preparation is done to meet the expected challenges, we do not seem to learn from previous mistakes and put in place measures so as not to repeat them with late in the day “solutions” to look as if something is being done and critics made to look as naysayers even when their points are well founded, a strategy also well employed by LGBT advocacy as part of the divide and rule strategy too so as to deflect responsibility and to acknowledge mistakes. Instead governments and leaders try all in their power to present themselves as performing with the new “working, working, working,” tagline now being used by the Prime Minister or promoting constituency activities as achievements.

Deception, image preservation and public relations seems more important as part of leadership than true open and honest activities to achieve intended goals. How can we grow as people or a nation when the opposite of the above three are so missing? The repeated cases of suspected under cover happenings and shady deals by those in or close to authority seems not to affect or cause any indignation anymore as we seem to have become numb to them, the Cuban light bulb case with Kern Spencer just seems to have been a formality to have it thrown out of court eventually, the Azan shop matter, his resignation then reinstallation as Minister is another that shows the benchmark of integrity is so low that anyone can go against greater principles and still hold public office. While religious groups oppose homosexuality as it were usually on the homo-peadophile construct yet when one of their own infringe on the person of children via sexual assault there is utter silence to think since the last three months there have been six reports of pastors accused of assault with some 9 children involved as victims apparently with parents allowing too much trust to wolves in sheep clothing.

The news for example of HIV treatment possibilities from our national flower the Lignum Vitae in recent days is good to hear let us see how we use this to our national and international advantage, need I remind you how we are late in in the day in terms of marijuana and the well needed changes to the legislation for personal use; yet with all the changes made thus far it is not impactful enough and we may never reap the full rewards of using this plant for medicinal purposes especially.

I hope we can learn from all this and improve greatly on where we are but as this is the fifth installment of this entry type and I see the same issues recurring I have to wonder have we really learned yet as a nation, we have the potential for greater things than just dominating sports and such we can also develop along the lines of social equality and economic prowess towards real independence.

Walk good and enjoy the food none the less as I have been doing

Blue Drawers or Dukunu

Sweet potato pudding

also see: International Day of Action Against Jamaica's Buggery Law where some overseas based persons staged a protest.

This latest unscientific newspaper poll from the Observer seems to reflect some of the disappointment out there.

Peace and tolerance



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What to Do .....

When Arrested and taken to a Police Station you have the right to:

a. Make a phone call: to a lawyer or relative or anyone
b. Ask to see a lawyer immediately: if you don’t have the money ask for a Duty Council
c. A Duty Council is a lawyer provided by the state
d. Talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police
e. Tell your lawyer if anyone hits you and identify who did so by name and number
f. Give no explanations excuses or stories: you can make your defense later in court based on what you and your lawyer decided
g. Ask the sub officer in charge of the station to grant bail once you are charged with an offence
h. Ask to be taken before a justice of The Peace immediately if the sub officer refuses you bail
i. Demand to be brought before a Resident Magistrate and have your lawyer ask the judge for bail
j. Ask that any property taken from you be listed and sealed in your presence
Cases of Assault:An assault is an apprehension that someone is about to hit you

The following may apply:
1) Call 119 or go to the station or the police arrives depending on the severity of the injuries

2) The report must be about the incident as it happened, once the report is admitted as evidence it becomes the basis for the trial

3) Critical evidence must be gathered as to the injuries received which may include a Doctor’s report of the injuries.

4) The description must be clearly stated; describing injuries directly and identifying them clearly, show the doctor the injuries clearly upon the visit it must be able to stand up under cross examination in court.

5) Misguided evidence threatens the credibility of the witness during a trial; avoid the questioning of the witnesses credibility, the tribunal of fact must be able to rely on the witness’s word in presenting evidence

6) The court is guided by credible evidence on which it will make it’s finding of facts

7) Bolster the credibility of a case by a report from an independent disinterested party.

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Originally aired on CVM TV December 8th 2013, apologies for some of the glitches as the source feed was not so hot and it kept dropping from source or via the ISP, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED and is solely for educational and not for profit use and review. The issue of the pending legal challenge in the Constitutional Court in Jamaica as filed by Javed Jaghai an outspoken activist who happens also to be openly aetheist.

The opposing sides are covered as well such as
The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society
The Love March
Movement Jamaica

The feature seems destined for persons who are just catching up to the issues and repositioning JFLAG in particular in the public domain as their image has taken a beating in some respects especially on the matter of the homeless MSM front. They need to be careful that an elitist perception is not held after this after some comments above simplistic discourse, the use of public agitation as beneath some folks and the obvious overlooking of the ordinary citizen who are realy the ones who need convincing to effect the mindset change needed and the national psyche's responses to homosexuality in general.

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